Mid-Range Watch Brands That Balances Luxury and Budget

One of the most difficult things to decide upon buying a smartwatch is what to get. With an array of choices and brands out there today, it can be easy to be sucked into a black hole of watches. Especially these Holidays, gifting a watch can be a very tall order, as you don’t want to let the people you’re gifting know that you’re scrimping on them, but you don’t want to sacrifice your savings as well.

Most people that want to gift a watch look at lists of luxury watches that they don’t have any business reading. They read all the wonderful features of the product, get a solid idea of that particular watch fitting the right person, only to be disappointed at the end when they learn the price.

Take note that some of these websites are paid to promote luxury watches, and it’s foolish to think that their “best” recommendations are actually the best. So when you’re looking at watches to gift this Christmas, and you at least want to give something that carries weight, here are some mid-tier watch brands you should be looking into:


Seiko has historically been producing quality timepieces with low price tags that it’s constantly voted as one of the best brands when it comes to getting the most out of your money. If you haven’t heard of Seiko, that’s because it’s a Japanese brand, and hasn’t cracked the West yet. But in East and Southeast Asia, it’s heralded as one of the greats.

One of the best products the company has launched is its Sports 5 collection, which marries sports watches with dress watches. The result is a collection that’s worthy of reverence. The Pressage line is also notable, and pair it with the higher end watches in the company’s product lines, it’s no wonder that the brand is touted as one of the best watch brands worldwide.


You may have known Longines as that watch company that always has the back cover advert in your mom’s magazines. The watch brand has been in the industry for quite some time, and in its tenure, it has produced quite a selection of great watches. Some of Longines watches aren’t priced mid-range, but there are quite a few that fits the picture.

The Hydroconquest Chronograph toes the line between mid-range and luxury, but for the looks, presentation and the actual movement that you’re getting – it’s a steal. The famed Longines Master is also a great pick, and it’s the perfect everyday watch, sturdy enough to be worn and subtle enough to not cause unwanted attention.


When you want the classic Swiss watchmaking tradition with the grit of American heritage, Hamilton is the brand for you. The company has a long tradition of marrying unconventional materials to form a watch that’s uniquely theirs. The Khaki collection, in particular, is an excellent line with a plethora of choices.


Another mid-range watch company that focuses on the technology of their watches more than the typical mechanical watch company, Casio has been killing it with their line of sports watches in the last ten years. The G-Shock line is Casio’s shining star, with bolstered features that include shock-proofing, water-resistance, and build quality.

While the G-Shock takes the lead in their collection, the Pro Tek line is also worthy of mention. It’s Casio’s take on Wear OS by Google, and it’s a success. If you’re looking for dress watches, the Edifice collection got you covered with classic stainless steel bands and chronograph watch faces.


Tissot has been a stalwart in the mid-range priced watches for quite some time now. What the brand offers is great versatility when it comes to switching from day to night. In recent years, Tissot has been focusing more and more on the smartwatch industry, and in fact, has released a number of entries that can compete directly with the best in the industry.


Remember that getting the most bang out of your buck is the most important thing in gift-giving. Getting a special item is possible without you paying for the whole year on it. Making the special person in your life special is possible without you going the trouble of searching far and wide and spending every last cent you possibly can. Enjoy the holidays!

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