10 Best Garmin Smartwatches that you can try

Fitness watches, for example, Garmin GPS watches have become famous among runners and fitness enthusiasts for various reasons.

To begin with, we must know what a GPS watch is. Basically, it stands for Global Positioning Satellite. Many people are aware of GPS route gadgets that are regularly found in cars today.

They help you locate your present area dependent on a satellite feed that reports your accurate ground position.

GPS has similarly quickly discovered its way into the fitness and running industry through gadgets that can be worn, similar to a wristwatch while running and exercising.

These watches go beyond the run of the mill wristwatch. These watches help you to track the exact kilometers that you have ran or climbed and the duration it took to finish that course.

GPS watches can also keep track of your heart beast and monitor the calories burnt during a workout session.

These GPS watches have proven to be a boon for fitness enthusiasts.

Here are some of the best Garmin smartwatches we have selected to get the most out of your workout and training session.

Garmin forerunner 235

Garmin forerunner 235
Src: Amazon

The Garmin Forerunner 235 has a 24/7 wrist-based heart-rate monitor and an accurate GPS for tracking your workouts.

It tracks activities like steps, calories, and sleep, and shows notifications from Apple and Android devices. With its water-resistant feature, you can wear it while swimming without any stress and don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain or removing the watch before you take a shower.

With its new thinner and lighter design, the watch allows for a less bezel and a higher resolution display.

With the convenience of all-day heart rate tracking, music controls and access to Garmin’s Connect IQ app store, the watch is one of the best Garmin smartwatches for beginners as well as professionals.

It includes support for GLONASS which is a Russian GPS satellite alternative, that helps to locate you in regions where GPS may be poor.

The watch can also measure VO2 Max which is a metric used by sportsmen for measuring the amount of oxygen used during workouts.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is the perfect watch for casual as well as regular and professional runners who are looking for a watch as well as a fitness tracker.

Fenix 5x Plus

Fenix 5x Plus
Src: Amazon

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus includes advanced sleep tracking, advanced performance metrics, music storage, and more.

The Fenix 5x plus screen offers a full-color transflective Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlighting which allows easy readability even in cases of blazing bright sunshine.

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is very useful to track a variety of activities, including both indoor and outdoor, with different intensities from running to biking and hiking, golf to climbing, indoor track, swimming, snow skiing, snowboarding, walking, cardio, yoga, elliptical to say the least.

Despite it’s burly and rough design, this watch is perfect for the adventure and thrill seeker as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Garmin forerunner 245 music

The Garmin forerunner 245 music has a sporty look that is suitable for most casual and semi-formal occasions.

This watch has Garmin’s latest heart rate sensor and pulse oximeter and unlike other watches, you can store your music on the forerunner 245 which is very useful if you don’t want to carry around your phone or mp3 player with you at all times. Another pleasing feature in the Forerunner 245 is mapping that allows you to scroll to the map data screen and see your GPS track on a map.

This watch will continuously track your heart rate during all hours which in turn enables you to observe your resting heart rate which is very helpful for people and can be used to calculate fitness level and also inform when you are getting sick. This watch is also very useful to track your sleep while further categorizing your sleep into stages such as REM, deep, light and awake.

Another feature of this watch is that the screen is highly customizable and you’re able to put different widgets consisting of your time, text messages, heart rate or other notifications on the screen.

Fenix 3 HR

If you are looking for a watch that is completely equipped for your intense workouts and runs and just as stylish, the Fenix 3 HR is the optimum choice.

The Fenix 3 HR is perfect for runners as it comes with an inbuilt tracker for tracking your steps, calories, and distance.

It comes with a built-in heart monitor for monitoring your heart rate during all times. GPS is a big must for fitness watches and the Fenix 3 HR is inbuilt with a GPS that shows accurate and exact locations helping you track and plan your daily fitness regimen.

Waterproof and durable, this watch was built for strenuous and light activities alike ranging from walking to climbing and sports like football and swimming.

Unlike most smartwatches, you can even receive notifications such as e-mail, texts, and alerts.

Forerunner 735 XT

 Forerunner 735 XT
Src: Amazon

The Forerunner 735XT is a very proficient activity tracker. The 735XT tracks your steps, distance and even the duration and quality of your sleep.

Knowing your VO2 Max score is a great way to track your fitness and improve. Each time you exercise with the Forerunner 735XT it will give you an estimated VO2 Max score which is a measurement of oxygen in your body weight that you utilize per minute.

It also includes a Race Predictor and Recovery Timer. The Running Dynamics built in this watch also provide you with information such as ground contact time, stride length, balance, and vertical ratio just to name a few.

And when you want an uninterrupted workout, you can keep your phone away and receive all your notifications on the watch.

The Forerunner 735XT has an excellent battery life of 14 hours while both GPS and optical heart rate activated.

Forerunner 25

Forerunner 25
Src: Amazon

The Garmin Forerunner 25 is perhaps the best entry-level smartwatch as it includes all the features required for a perfect workout.

It features 24/7 activity tracking which keeps tabs on your daily steps, calories and distance walked.

It also tracks your distance, pace, heart rate and calories which are crucial for every fitness enthusiast.

It also shares your runs and activity tracking progress. It is inbuilt with Activity tracking that counts steps and calories and reminds you when it’s time to move.

The Forerunner 25 has a long battery life which can last up to 7 days which is very impressive.

Its large display makes it easy to read and is simple to use. As far as the price goes, it is inexpensive and perhaps the best entry-level smartwatch for anyone starting out.


Vivoactive HR

Src: Amazon

Vivoactive HR is for anyone who enjoys sports while staying connected to technology. It has a combined activity tracker which tracks your steps and distances.

It also includes a heart rate monitor which is off the wrist with no chest strap required.

It also comes with a GPS sports watch for the most accurate speed and distance feedback with functions similar to that of a smartphone.

It consists of MultiSport support which includes run, bike and swim. Also included is a 24/7 Activity Tracker with all day heart rate monitoring.

Other features include Wrist Based heart rate, Gps enabled and a convenient color touchscreen which makes the screen look stylish.

It also provides live weather data which is helpful if you go for a run outside or are in an open space.

In terms of detail and accuracy, vivoactiveHR is probably one of the best activity trackers on the market.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and enjoy sports while also appreciative of the functionality your smartphone provides then the Vivoactive HR could be for you

Garmin Instinct

Garmin instinct
Src: Amazon

The Garmin Instinct is a smartwatch with sports-tracking targeted at those keen on heavy duty and rugged outdoor activities.

With its outdoorsy and rugged design, the watch has been designed for adventure and hardcore activities.

It has various tracking modes including mountain biking and open-water swimming to snowboarding and kayaking.

It has inbuilt course navigation which allows the ability to navigate downloaded courses a.k.a ‘breadcrumb trail’.

It has compass mode which simply enables a compass mode. Features such as ABC functions are also included which gives your watch the ability to access Altimeter, Barometer, Compass features.

The Elevation Profiles allow you to see upcoming elevation on your course. It also has Storm Alert which utilizes barometric altimeter to provide incoming storm alerts.

Since this was built in mind with the competitive sportsperson who is always ready for a challenge, it has a program called Virtual Partner so you can compete against a specific pace or time; and Race Past Activities to compete against your past runs.


Src: Amazon

The vivosmart 4 introduces a lightweight, thin and sleek design perfect for a casual look.

While the design is sleek and stylish, the watch also offers many useful features like OLED display, body battery feature and its advanced health tools.

One of the most exclusive features of the vivosmart 4 is the body battery feature which measures your energy and stress levels throughout the day.

With the built-in pulse ox sensor, the watch can calculate your body’s blood-oxygen saturation levels based on various aspects including your overall fitness levels.

But the main issue of the vivosport is its lack of inbuilt GPS.

For a world like today, GPS is one of the most common and basic needs, but if you can look past this issue, this watch is a great piece of equipment.



Stylish and sleek, the Vivosport comes with an inbuilt GPS and heart monitor tracker. With its slim yet stylish and waterproof design, this smartwatch is perfect for outdoor and water as well as indoor activities.

It features Move IQ which automatically tracks and distinguishes between different activities be it walking, running or swimming that you do throughout the day and automatically saves them.

With its long battery life, up to 7 days, you do not have to worry about any interruptions or low battery notifications. Easy to use, this device will automatically track your steps, calories, sleep, floors and much more.

The vivosport also includes LiveTrack5 which alerts your family and friends of your exact location during your workouts or runs.

The Vivosport is indeed a brilliant piece of equipment for fitness enthusiasts with its many features targeted to fitness enthusiasts. While you may think of comparing other watches, the vivosport might just be the best Garmin smartwatch for you.

If you want to check out the comparison between Vivosport and Vivosmart then you can check this article by Fit Territory.

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