5 Best Swiss Watches for Men

Not a lot of men’s accessories are as efficient and functional as an excellent timepiece. A good wristwatch isn’t only an excellent way to be informed or fully aware of the time without needing to pull out your mobile phone. It can sometimes do a good deal more, for example, calculating velocity or as a dive timer.

Also, watches are an excellent addition to any ensemble. Even though you can find timepieces everywhere that are reliable, handy, and good-looking, only few watchmakers make the cut to the same remarkable craftsmanship and rigorous standards of those created in Switzerland.

Besides the Swiss Army Knife, chocolate, and political impartiality, Switzerland is known all over the world for their first-grade watches. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best Swiss watches, particularly for men.

Hamilton Khaki Black Dial Watch

This watch is a low-cost, inexpensive, casual timepiece that has a 40mm stainless steel case. It’s powered by an ETA 955.132 caliber quartz movement and has a robust case back. The hands and markets emit light for excellent readability in low-light environments.

What’s more, the watch is water-resistant for at least 165 feet, with the second, minute, and hour hand in a military styling. You can find and buy this watch in many online stores.

Tudor Black Bay Watch

The company has been in the industry for about sixty years and has been creating diving-ready watches. Also, they have taken all of their prowess and competence acquired over the years and brewed it into this updated version of their iconic Black Bay watch.

As a matter of fact, the modernized version has gone beyond its original version completely, and now Tudor offers a massive sixty-three different variants that span from long-standing chronographs to simple diver watches. Plus, everything else in-between.

Some variants are minimalistic and stylish, which is ideal for formal events. And others highlight features such as tachymeter scales and rotating dive bezels. What’s more, there is an aviation-style variant with a leather strap.

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

There’s nothing more Swiss than the watch brand Victorinox. This company is best known for its Swiss Army Knife since it was founded in 1884. But decades later, Victorinox started making watches.

These timepieces are built with the very same Swiss artistry and handiwork that the world has come to look forward from a Swiss brand. The watches offered by Victorinox arrive in multiple styles, from the fancy dress watches up to the more rugged divers.

One of the best watches made by Victorinox is the Swiss Army Maverick. It features an oversized, bold look that excellently combines functionality with style. Moreover, there are at least twenty variants of the Maverick collection, and for sure, there is one suited for you.

Also, you can choose between a metal or leather bands. That said, whatever you pick, rest assured that the Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick will be an excellent fit for any formal or active event.

Bell & Ross Br 03 Watch

There are many good aviation watches available on the market. However, the problem is that most of them look similar. Bell & Ross, established by two lifelong friends in 1992, took their idea and creativity quite literally in the production of their BR 03 collection of watches.

Instead of making them seem like every other timepiece that’s available today, they choose to make their own watch that looks like a gauge you may find in an aircraft. The company has designed one of the most classic and iconic timepieces of all time.

At present, there are many different sub-variants of varying colorways, materials, types, and many more. It comprises things such as simple date/day watches and traditional chronographs. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a watch that stands out, then the Bell & Ross BR 03 watch is for you.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Speedmaster from Omega is the very first timepiece worn on the moon with Apollo 11. Thus, making it a very iconic watch. With that said, Omega’s Speedmaster now has a vast subcategory of watches deemed as the Moonwatch for its involvement in NASA on all human spaceflights.

For us, it means that this particular variant is way more appealing than the already-excellent wristwatch. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is complete with a date window at six o’clock, dual sub-dials at the three and nine positions, and a tachymeter bezel.


Watches made in Switzerland are an indication of quality. Swiss watches are associated with luxury, quality, precision, and excellence. Their stature for producing some of the best timepieces in the entire world has made them a very robust contender for the appellation of the best watch producers in the world. Some of the best Swiss watches are outlined in this article, yet the list is still long. Thus, be sure to research more to find that one particular watch for you.

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