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Types of Watches You Should Definitely Own

Types of Watches You Should Definitely Own

Your watch showcases your persona, wealth, standard taste and humor. Selecting a watch is overwhelming as you need to consider a lot of things. Having a suitable watch for a particular purpose ensures that you are dressing according to your life situations. Thus, every watch lover should choose his/ her watch appropriately. Keep the watch safe from the different weather elements which may damage it like dust and wind. Buy a good watch case to keep your watches well-organized. You have to make sure that you wear the right watch for every occasion. Wearing unrelated watches is a big grooming error. Below here are some of the watches you should have in your closet:

  1. Analog watch

They have displays with small clock face with 12 hours along with an hour and a minute hand. Analog watches either feature Roman numerals or conventional numbers. They have available in different dial shapes and plethora of designs. You can opt for bracelet watches or strap watches as per your preference. They give you a professional and classy look and are suitable for meetings and office.

  1. Automatic watch

This watch functions because of the wearer’s wrist movement. They don’t require winding when worn regularly. The energy storage is available in the half-disc metal which spins as your arm gets into motion. The energy keeps the watch working. They are also called self-winding watches.

  1. Dress watch

One of the most adorable of all watches is dress watch. It doesn’t have any tantrum and its sole purpose is to tell time. A dress watch is beautiful, elegant, simple and minimalistic. A dress watch may be exaggerated by bejewelling it with diamonds and Swarovski. The ornaments make the watch charming and subtle. The watch isn’t meant for casual outings or gym session, but they are a perfect inclusion for tuxedo, dinner jacket and suits.

  1. Chronograph watch
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It is a modern name for a stopwatch and using it is simple. You just have to tap on the start/stop button to start or stop it. Once your session is over, you can reset it to zero. It is perfect for races and events.

  1. Triathlon watch

If you are an athlete and you love to run miles on the road or take laps in the pool and track your progress, then best triathlon watches are a must inclusion for you. The watch has all the features which you need to evaluate your training for swimming, running or biking. They offer more services than standard running watches and are budget friendly alternative to get started with your training sessions. You can buy them online as per your budget, requirement and preference. Pick the perfect model after checking out the features.

If you have a passion for watches, then you should definitely own these 5 watches in your collection. Just check out the different kinds of watches available online and narrow your search category according to your usage and make your purchase. You will love every watch design and style.

Few people say that the trend of watches is diminishing by time but it is not so. Rather you can say that with the latest and designer watches coming up every now and then, more and more people are going for them in order to add fashion and style to their collection. If you also like to have watches and wear one then it’s time to check out for some cool and stylish watches and go for them without any delay. Search online and place your order today.

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