Top 5 Best Places to Travel on a Budget in Dubai

Dubai just got a good name in the industry of tourism since last few decades. And it is actually going to celebrate its silver jubilee for its famed name of amusing buildings and remarkable themed outdoor plus indoors. Dubai is all about the fun and love of entertainment that you can better plan a trip to Dubai for more convincing mood swings to get a better feel for the whole year.

There is everything that may or less be expensive in Dubai but there are also numberless things in Dubai you can visit for free. Apart for a sim card and transportation charges, you can save on visiting tickets and hotel by living in mosques for free. Just get a phone card and book a car for transport from any cheapest rated car rental Dubai company.

Following are the best places may lead you less burden on your budget:

Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall will get you insane! As it is extremely big. You can literally kill your full day just by walking around and visiting its every floor actually you need 2 days just to visit it. You can witness the place such as the souks, the village, the waterfall atrium and the underwater aquarium for free, it means it needs no budget to visit them. The village has colourful umbrella ceilings which your kids will surely like to visit. You can find here trending prom dresses, appreciate the fish, stingrays, and sharks in the aquarium placed there with a gigantic structure made for free.

Dubai Fountain

You will wonder to visit the Dubai Fountain. This is the 2nd largest fountain in the world where you can see water dancing show for free. Even you can watch an incredible view of the Burj Khalifah. You can see it as near as you are standing in front of it.

Old Dubai Souks

The souks are the conventional marketplaces in the old Dubai town that is extracted a picture of the old Bedouin desert people. There is three main old souks name as 1. The Deira Gold Souk, 2. The Spice Souk and the last one is 3. The Textile Souk. It is literally a best-budgeted market area where you can see almost a sole female is shopping all alone by bargaining

Dubai Museum

After Dubai Souks, you can head to the Dubai museum farther just a few minutes away from Old Souks. You just need less than 1 Dirham to cross the entryway. And it ended up with numberless interesting things than you can expect to sight. It has three sectional division where you can see what kind of life the old desert Bedouin people had spent there.

Dubai Mosques

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in UAE Abu Dhabi. Mosque always remains for free for visitors but with some restrictions must be followed to wear Juba to or Scarfs to visit a mosque in any case. This Ottoman Styled mosque is really a must-see thing to visit.

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