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Is a Confirmed Flight Ticket Mandatory for Visa

Whenever we plan for a trip to any destination, the first thing we do is to start looking for affordable flight tickets and only after confirming the ticket, we proceed for further research. When it comes to going for an international trip, we do the same mistake without getting the most important visa approval which will allow us to travel to the destination.

Many of us have a misconception that showing round trip tickets work as a proof that the visitor will return back home after his purpose gets over in the foreign land. Return air tickets no way can be considered as a guarantee of your return to your home land. So it is better to spend a hefty amount of money on booking tickets prior to your visa approval.


We all know, even if we submit all the required documents, we can’t be assured of getting visa approval. So it would be a foolish job to book air tickets prior. If a particular country’s consulate does demand for a confirmed air ticket or hotel bookings, then only book it, else wait for the visa to be granted and then book the tickets. Before taking any decision, it is better to take expert advice from the embassy or consulate or Visa Consultant in Delhi. Most of the countries’ visa can be processed without a ticket or only with the help of blocked air ticket.

Blocked air ticket is a savior in most visa process where the applicant is in a complicated situation whether to book tickets or not. Blocked air ticket is something you can get from travel consultants. Hence, consult with the right visa assistance in Delhi to know the exact visa process and documentation before taking any step yourself. Visa procedures are complicated and it is better to avoid booking tickets and spending a lot of money on it without getting visa approval.

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