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Style Up Your Bedroom With These 6 Hacks For Ultimate Style and Comfort

The master bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. After a long day of work, errands around town and household duties that sometimes require work charts, the master bedroom should be an escape. Homeowners should be able to retire there at any time for rest and rejuvenation. 

Instead, many master bedrooms remain outdated and full of clutter. Instead of being a place that rewards homeowners for all of their daily successes, bed rooms far too often become overlooked when it comes to prioritizing design. Design and res-design the rest of the home as much you want. But if you fail to neglect the master bedroom, you really are not maximizing everything your that your house can do. You are also neglecting the most important part of the house, which is you!


Consider these six areas of focus that will make any master bedroom an oasis.

  1. Beds that Are Comfortable and that Fit into A Space

Unfortunately many bedrooms have beds that were bought with short-term budgets, instead of long-term value in mind. When bed owners focus more on price than product quality, a night’s sleep can leave them feeling exhausted the next morning. There are many types of mattresses out there. Choose one that serves the needs of your body. Choose one that will be a long-term investment. 

  1. Accessorize with Comfortable and Practical Finishes

If you live in a tropical climate, a thick bedding product may look good, but it may leave you sweating even more at night. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to forgo using an available electrical blanket during the Winter. Go with a bedding product that masks the wires belonging to the blanket! Choose bedroom furnishings that mirror the needs of your lifestyle. Choose throw pillows, skirts and shams that showcase personality and provide comfort. 

  1. Don’t Stop with the Bed
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Accessories can and should be used beyond the bed. Turn to photo frames, keepsake boxes and vases to add style to the room. Accessories not only add style, but they also help minimize clutter and bring energy into the room.

  1. Mix Antiques into A Modern Design

A modern take on a master bedroom does not have to consist of just modern products and design trends. Antique furniture and accessories bring high-quality and durable design elements to a bedroom. Among the great ideas for antiques in a bedroom are bed-frames. Photo frames holding family heirloom photos and furniture to store clothing or sit next to a bed as a side table are great choices too. 

  1. Define Lighting Needs with Window Treatments and Mirrors

Window treatments in a bedroom more than just add the desired design theme. They also help control the amount of light in the space. Mirrors look great too, and they can make a room feel airier. 

  1. Showoff Personality with Wall Art

Wall art can help tell a story you want to reinforce with your design choices. The design does tell a story after-all. It conveys feelings, needs and dreams. Choose from custom pieces of art by local artists, antique art with a unique value and character, or choose among the many wall art options found at design stores. 

When looking to make a master bedroom the perfect escape space, the six aforementioned ideas will help your master bedroom dreams become a reality in any type of home. Each of these ideas discussed can be used individually or collectively. When put to use, they help homeowners in their undertakings to create a master bedroom oasis. 

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