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How Do You Keep Hair Straight After Using Straightener?

Are you annoyed because your hair won’t stay straight for long after straightening it with your hair straightener? You need to know the effect with you, then it will be easy to use straightening tools, and it works great.

Several factors affect the life of your hairstyle. They include;

The weather- when your hair is rained on or becomes humid, it shortens the life of your hairstyle by saturating your hair strands and producing frizz.

Your Hair Texture- thick and coarse hair is prone to frizz and may not hold a straight finish for a more extended period. Fine hair, on the other hand, remains straight for more prolonged,

Your lifestyle- if you exercise and sweat frequently, your hair gets wavy more quickly.

Also, the way you sleep can alter your style by producing bumps and waves to your hair.

Keep Hair Straight After Using Straightener

Despite all these factors, there are still some practical tips that can help you keep your hair straight after straightening it. They include;

#1. Use Quality Hair Straighteners

High quality and professional hair straighteners will produce longer-lasting hairstyles. They are also less likely to damage your hair. Quality hair straighteners are made of ceramic or titanium plates. They distribute heat evenly throughout your hair, meaning that you will not have old or hot spots in your hair.

They produce excellent results, and chances are, your hair will remain straight for a longer period. Check the link, where you got a list o top 10 best hair straighteners review that makes you more comfortable to choose the right tools.

#2. Make Sure the Your Hair is Dry Before Straightening It

Unless you have a unique hair straightener that can be used on wet hair, never straighten your hair when it is wet. This is like boiling your hair from the outside, which increases the chance of damaging your hair. You can air-dry or blow-dry your hair first before straightening it. Straightening dry hair reduces frizz and waves and ensures that your hair remains straight for a more extended period.

#3. Avoid Moisture

Once you have straightened your hair, avoid moisture, and make sure you keep it dry. Sweating, showering any anything that can make your hair humid after straightening it makes your hair to become frizzy and wavy. To retain your straight hair for long, avoid moisture and water as possible. Here we write the top 5 best hair extension to archive natural-looking hair.

#4. Treat Your Hair Before and After Straightening It

There are many hair care products, such as anti-frizz sprays, serums, thermal heat protectant, shampoo, and conditioners. All these products are designed to prevent your hair from heat damage and to keep it straight for a more extended period.


With a combination of the right tool and hair care products, you can manage to keep your hair straight longer after straightening it. These tips will help you.

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