5 Tips for Getting Around on Singapore Public Transport

Singapore is a fascinating city-state that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Its small size makes it easy to traverse the city.

Singapore is well-renowned for its efficiency. In strenuous times, its efficiency has not withered.

This efficiency transpires into the Singapore Public Transport, the best way for a tourist to explore the city.

In this brief guide, we will share 5 tips for exploring Singapore using its first-class transport system.

The 5 Tips for Getting Around with Singapore Public Transit

With its size and strict regulations on purchasing cars, the Singapore Public Transport is enjoyed by both tourists and locals. Utilizing it will save you costs and let you focus on exploring Singapore.

Here are the 5 Tips to get around Singapore using the public transport system:

EZ Link Card

The very first thing you should do when arriving in Singapore is to purchase an EZ Link card.

This card can be used to pay the fares on a bus, the metro, and even in taxis. You can also use the card to purchase food and drinks at select stores such as 7-Eleven. You can also purchase the card at a 7-Eleven.

The best place to buy the EZ Link Card is at any Passenger Service Center. They usually cost 12 SGD. You can load as much money as you want on the EZ Link Card, with the minimum being 3 SGD.

Singapore Tourist Pass

The Singapore Tourist Pass is for taking buses and trains. You get an unlimited number of rides on both of these methods of transport.

Tourist passes can be purchased for 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days. Keep in mind that if you have a longer stay, you will need to keep repurchasing a tourist pass as they do not last longer than 3 days.

MRT Fares

The MRT is Singapore’s metro system. This is the fastest way to get around the city.

It also can directly take you to the tourist areas in Singapore.

On average, a train comes every three minutes. There are 5 lines, with the Red and Green being the most popular – taking you to many of the popular tourist hotspots and great restaurants.


The Singapore public buses are slower but you get to have a nicer view of the city as you travel around.

Buses come every 5-20 minutes and your fare is based on how far your distance is. To use the public bus, bring your EZ Link card and tap it on the reader when you enter the bus. Tap it a second time when you leave the bus to be charged.

River Taxis

There are of course the regular taxis that are the same in every city. But if you want to splurge and enjoy the best in Singapore, we recommend you take a river taxi at least once.

They only have limited routes and have limited service hours.

If you want to spend at least one day on the relaxing Singapore river and get some great photos of this magnificent city, you won’t want to miss out on a river taxi.

See You in Singapore

Now that you know how to get around with the Singapore Public Transport, we hope to see you in Singapore! We know you’ll have a blast in the city!

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