Is iPhone X Innovative Or An Upgrade Version Of iPhone 7?

Buying a Mobile phone is never an easy task, the very first question that pops out is which mobile phone to buy? And that is why buying mobile phone requires mind, how much a person need a good phone, and how much he has which shows the affordability of a person to buy an expensive or normal rated mobile phone. When it comes to buying mobile phones, the only famous band is the first thought of a person like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and if not one of these so MI.

Every year Apple always try their best to produce a new gadget that will go with the flow with much more success than the previous production.  Apple already has a large and huge number of audience. If they get the audience it’s like icing on the cake. The main objective of apple is to again convince its audience with its new products. But Apple already has a loyal audience that no matter what, they are not ready to leave the apple symbol from their gadget collection.

Apple series go with the same design with minute changes till iPhone 8 Plus but on their 10th anniversary, they shock not only their audience but also the world but introducing iPhone X with a different look in it. if we take a look at old phone or should I say the previous collection of Apple department than iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 all have the same look. Which only speech and features for the buyer to divide which mobile phone is he going to buy.

If we see iPhone X or iPhone 7, well the very first difference we encounter is the shape and look of the phone. If we got to have look on which mobile phone is better than we need to break down both of the phones from there insight to their out sight to of iPhone is an innovating production of Apple or just an upgraded version of iPhone 7

Let’s start with the display of both phones. Which is marking the major change of Apple as their old phones seem to have the same display.  iPhone 7 is 4.7-inch with the ratio of 16:9 and it also includes 1334 x 750 pixels. Whereas iPhone X is quite big in size with the dimensions of 5.8-inch 18 also the pixels are of  2436 x 1125. Which shows that iPhone X has upgraded by the size. if we see the design of both mobile phones then, of course, Apple produces iPhone X and replace Bezel by making it whole touch screen.

Which makes iPhone X an innovative phone in terms of design. All the above and below bezel that was once the part of iPhone series is all gone. And of course, the iconic button the only button on the screen is also gone in iPhone X and replace it with the Face ID. But people are facing problem in Face ID unlocking the phone so they should have added both finger ID unlocking and Face ID unlocking. The back is of aluminium glass which iPhone 7 also lacks. iPhone X is also dust and water-resistant which again shows a remarkable difference in iPhone X and iPhone 7.

Now let’s see the performance and presentation of both phones. Well, there was a time when iPhone 7 was considered as the fastest phone of its age. But the moment iPhone X came, it changes the table and turns it to itself. There is a six-core CPU, six-core GPU along with M11 motion coprocessor and with 3G RAM. The graphic performance of iPhone X is more fascinating and amazing than iPhone 7.

It is noted to be 70% fast in performance than iPhone 7. Like so many at one time still phone never hangs. Next is the camera, which is always at the best when it comes to the iPhone. The touch ID is a sad part but the camera is the thing that will get back to you again and make iPhone X is better than iPhone 7. The core 12 megapixel which has f/1.8 aperture wide-angle rear camera and 7MP front camera is as same as iPhone 7. But this is when the game changes, the new lens arrays with Image signal processor (ISP) is not only giving better and fine result but the HD is pictures no matter how much you zoom it, it will not blur out, or lose the pixels. Apple has made for the first time optical image stabilization (OIS) which makes the camera, even more, better than any other production of Apple.

This is another innovation that Apple introduced in its mobile phones. The Portrait Mode gives a new direction to Apple’s camera specifically of iPhones. But the dual OIS rear camera in iPhone X taking it to another bigger level. Next, if we see the battery time of both iPhone 7 and iPhone X then iPhone X has faster and long life battery charging than iPhone 7. It has large stamina to digest battery than iPhone 7. The fast charging in a way it takes 30 minutes to make it up to 50%.

The main problem is when we see the price of both phones. Well iPhone X, being the latest addition to Apple’s family of obviously is at higher rates whereas iPhone 7 not so much but still is in lesser price. but those who are addicted to iPhone must try iPhone X. If I have a chance to recycle my mobile phone, I will definitely give a thought to iPhone X because iPhone X is an innovation then being more upgraded version of previous iPhones.

The only disturbing element is the button replacing with face ID but as iPhone X is giving more than a button only then one can sacrifice button for it. Apple gives a chance to change and it definitely works out for many users but criticism and exceptions case always there.

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