Mobile Security – Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?

I am in a hurry but wants to change my gadget, the first thing I would do is compare the market mobile phones. If I am an iPhone user then my next target would be an iPhone because iPhone user claim to be loyal no matter what. If I am an android user then my next target would android or maybe iPhone if I have lots of cash. If I am willing to sell my mobile phone then I will also compare mobile phone recycling because it gives me a chance to be judgmental before phone buying process and it gives me to see things with an open mind or the bigger picture that whether an iPhone or Android.


Compare the market mobile phones also let me catch an eye on every single production of android and iPhone, obviously, it also depend on the availability, still, I have a chance to hold the gadget and fell the touch of the phone and to see the features on my own rather than to rely on others.

If I have to sell my mobile, it is difficult but to buy a mobile phone is a challenging and hard task to do. Because we are living in a world where we have a war between android and iPhone users. Android users say iPhone users are rude and they cannot try new things like caning iPhone to android and iPhone users claim to be loyal not because of the brand name but the specs it gives and the protection it gives.


The processor of the iPhone is, of course, faster than android because of having full control on the Operating system and hardware whereas Android has a general operating system that all android brands use which make their phone slow. If we see in terms of an option than android gives us a wider and larger room to choose between many phones according to our need whereas iPhone does not give a wider room as android gives.


Security is one thing that every user demand by the brand of phones and this security is a big issue for many users. People are always fond of those phones who have good terms with a security level. It is known to be an iPhone who has a much greater and bigger level of security. iPhone loyal customer always claims that iPhone has a good security level and this is the first reason why they love iPhone and cannot resist it and are unable to try android.

Now why the iPhone has a good security level than android and why not android is not on this list. Let’s discuss this. Apple has a full-fledge command on the operating system hardware. Apple can control it, maintain it according to the need. Now when you have your own operating system and no one can utilize without having access, which is impossible as you are the owner of the operating system and you are the one who is managing it. whereas Android has a general operating system which any android brand can use it.

Now that we have so many android brands with us and in that brand, we have so many productions of mobile phones that it is becoming slow and difficult to maintain the level of security. Apple has its own crowd and layers of sectary that no one can touch it. Apple has facilitated itself to execute a hard solid layer of security that no other brand could reach. For example, if a new app in introduces, it first goes to Apple whose first task is to test the app, check the app, check the safety measures of the app that if it contains virus then it will reject.

Whereas in android, having general operating system all phones have access to each and every app that is being introduced and sometimes it contains virus with itself but android users download it and this is when there phone capture virus in itself. The system of Apple is blocking and secure for the reason that their gadgets remain safe from the virus. Sometimes it is annoying that you need to buy an app and android users enjoy every app and you cannot have it, but when android phone crashes only then It becomes clear that why this app is not appropriate for iPhones.


Access to songs is also very hard in iPhone you need to have iTunes and then change the format of the song only then you can listen to it or another way to listen to the song is to use sound cloud which is mostly full with the remix of songs or have the covers instead of original songs. whereas Android has access to many apps that download songs or websites from where they can download songs. Songs is another reason why android has viruses in their phone and that is why iTunes first move is to remove the virus if have any then it will be download in an iPhone.

All the security measures are the reason why iPhone long last than any other android and why android crashes much earlier. Though it is less in price and have access to everything but iPhone security layers not only keep the phone safe but also it allows user to use the phone as many years as he can.


So, yes iPhone is more secure than android because of their tight security layers and android being more general have access to everything which sometimes an iPhone user like about android but as there is a saying that access of everything is bad and this is what happens to android when they have access of everything and later on become the reason of crash and the reason, why android is getting slow day by day. iPhone has little access means they have less chance to access virus in it which later on become the reason why it long last and why the speed of an iPhone remains constant and same and why iPhone loyalists remain loyal to Apple.

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