Importance of Basic Home Security System

Is there a better place than our house to enjoy our privacy? It’s a sanctuary where we can stay secure. Our home is where we let our hair down, have fun, relax, nurture our children and generally enjoy living.

In today’s scenario, most couples leave for work early in the morning and get back only in the evening. Most people also have to travel to other cities for their work. When they are away, their house is empty and unguarded. For most people, this is a cause for constant anxiety and thoughts of their vulnerable valuables keep haunting them. And it doesn’t take long for people to figure out that your house is unoccupied.

It’s child’s play for burglars to enter an unprotected home and get out with valuables in ten minutes. Even when you are on a holiday, threats to home security loom large at the back of your mind and dampen your vacation spirit.

It’s not just your valuables that are targeted; sometimes your lives or your pets may be in danger too. Add to this the unwanted hassles of police inquiries and paperwork if your house got burgled and the constant fear you have to live with; do you really need all this? What’s more, it has been found that most burglaries occur during the day when people are away at work. This is not meant to intimidate you; it’s just to tell you that the need for a home security system cannot be overstated.

Cheap home security systems are definitely not a solution to your concerns. Nor are additional locks and watchdogs. These can be easily negotiated by smart and experienced burglars. Most people cannot afford to hire a full-time security guard. The best we can do is to invest in a home security system that acts as an electronic watchdog and keeps your house safe from intruders and enables you to work in peace.

We spend a lot of money in high tech gadgets for our personal use, but not many of us are aware of high tech home security systems that use the latest technology in protecting our houses from burglar attacks. It’s better to spend a small sum each month on protecting our property than to lose all that we value most to burglars. This way, you ensure the safety of your property instead of having to calculate the insured value and file claims with insurance companies.

Most modern home security systems have alarms that are designed to notify the house owner and the police in case of any break-ins. This initial alarm will shoo away even the most confident burglar before he gets a chance to lay his hand on anything. There are wireless alarm systems that can be hooked to doors and windows and that get triggered off when there is an unauthorized entry.

There’s a common misconception that only high-end households need modern security systems. The truth is, all houses are vulnerable to theft; so all kinds of households need a protective security system. It’s not just for burglary; there are security systems that deal with fire alarms, gas detectors and overheating. This gives you better peace of mind when you’re away.

However, all of us have to remember one thing; our house may be a shelter, but it’s not completely shut from intruders. There are people out there who are observing and waiting for the right time to get in. That’s why many popular storage facilities businesses around the world are investing in the good home security system to keep their customers belonging safe and secured.

What you can do to prevent this is, invest in a good home security system that keeps you safe in your house. Your safety quotient is greatly enhanced when you install an alarm system; you also don’t have to spend a huge sum on home insurance. So don’t hesitate, just go in for the buy. Your home’s a much safer place when you invest in the following security systems.

Windows and Door Decals

Unbelievable, but true! Just a home security decal on your door or window can off-put burglars. Whether the sticker’s for real or not, thieves don’t normally go for houses that have some protection system.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

Wireless Alarm System

Of course, installing a home security system is much better than not having one. Unlike wireless monitor system, the latest technology has come out with wireless alarm systems that are a hot favorite. Now you don’t have to worry about concealing wires by breaking walls or floors. It’s like wireless internet. You don’t have to face problems of tripping over hidden wires. These wireless systems work using batteries, so there’s no problem even when there’s a power cut; just ensure you change your batteries at regular intervals. Wireless systems use radio frequencies to transmit signals to the control panel; so intruders can’t just cut wires to disable the alarm system.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

Key Fobs and Remotes

These are very much like your car remote that unlocks your car door or sets its alarm. With this, you can set your alarm or disable it from a distance. There are some models that have panic buttons to sound an alarm and warn authorities.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

Smoke Detectors

There are inbuilt smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in modern alarm units. These are a part of the security system and are designed to warn the fire department when there a suspicious rise in temperature. You may opt to buy systems that route their power supply to these fire detectors; this way, there won’t be a need to change batteries.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

Backup Power Supply

This is a vital tool in the home safety system. It’s common to have power cuts at times of crisis such as storms or other natural calamities. At such times, your house is vulnerable to intruders; here an alternative power is a savior.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

Security Cameras

Invest in security cameras to protect your home even when you’re not there. Modern techniques have enabled linking security cameras with your television or computer, so you can observe what’s happening in your house even while you’re on a holiday or in your workplace. These cameras could also be linked to your DVR, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy tapes; you can just play back recordings.

Importance of Basic Home Security System

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