SUV vs. MUV vs. XUV

These are all different reformers used by different vendors around the world and show the type of car based on its appearance and basic purpose. An SUV is a well-known term used by almost all types of famous Carmel manufacturing companies for large cars that possess the capacity of being a 5 or 7-seater and based on off-roading capabilities. SUVs are larger than usual family cars.

Although MUVs and XUVs , fall into the main SUV category, different manufacturers have called this slightly different cars a unique-specific as MUVs and XUVs. MUV is a large type of car-like SUV but lacks sports shape and off-roading abilities as it is specified to work as a city wagon. The term XUV is most commonly used for hybrid type cars that unique design and architecture that do not fall into a particular category.

What is SUV?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. It is the term universally defined for a specific larger, light, truck shaped vehicle,  Which is stronger and larger in size than normal vehicles. SUVs are basically vehicles designed to produce maximum power in terms of sell my car and off-roading.

The Passenger seating position in such a UVS is well above the normal average position of the car. This gives the driver a better idea of the road and the route, as it is specially designed for all types of road and off-roading. SUVs are the cars with a sporty and powerful look.

Almost every car manufacturing and vendor companies, design SUV design vehicles and possess a wide share in the market.

What is MUV?

MUV stands for Useful Utility Vehicle. MUV is a subtype of SUV. It is essentially the more urban kind of version of sporty and rugged SUV. Normally, MUVs possess a city van-like the shape and are inexpensive as compare to regular SUVs. MUVs are the family cars with big passenger capability as a comparison to normal 5-seater cars. Rider sitting positions in MUVs are akin to SUV but they are specifically reinforced to run on decently developed metal roads.

MUVs are great for large families. They are more economical than SUVs. They are not only low in their budget in terms of prices but also economical in terms of fuel average and consumption.

What is XUV?

XUV base for Crossover Utility Vehicle. It is basically a type of hybrid car, incorporates a variety of characters from MUVs and SUVs both. These cars own different architecture and are a substance of both sporty and urban touching. XUVs can possess off-roading capableness along with being fuel-efficient and better for urban use too. An XUV could be AWD, 4WD, RWD and even FWD in few uncommon cases. Sell my car in Dubai

Key Difference

SUV base for Sports Utility Vehicle whereas MUV stands for Multipurpose Vehicle and XUV stands for Crossover Utility Vehicle.

SUV  is a famed car design followed by almost all car manufacturing company in the world.

MUV and XUV are the sub-designs of SUV.

SUV is rugged, tough, powerful and high-grade for off-roading.

MUV is a family city wagon type of car. Focus more on relief and fuel efficiency.

XUV is a hybrid of fresh SUV and MUV.

SUV is normally expensive than MUV.


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