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Benefits of Having Eyelet Curtains

If you are looking for a stylish alternative for your traditional or classical existing curtain eyelet curtains are the best go-to choice. They offer a striking heading which outshines true every interior and makes the windows effortlessly beautiful.

They are made using metal rings at the top which are fixed permanently into the heading. These rings can be made from metal, glass, plastic or wood and mostly these rings are Silver in color. They are hung directly onto the rods or poles through these rings and create evenly distributed deep folds.

Their streamline appearance accentuates the contemporary interiors even with a minimal approach of colors and designs. Even the bolder colors and contour create a tenant and beautiful look for all to see. This article features the benefits of having eyelet curtains and some modern ideas to help you choose the best fabric material for them.

Let us move to the benefits first.

Add a modern touch to the place

Unlike the pencil pleat or pinch pleat drapes, eyelet curtains are ideal when it comes to you creating a high end and modern-day appeal. They, therefore, have been widely used in styling the contemporary interiors from the last decade.

They fit well into any window no matter its small or large. All you need is to choose the pole and complementing finials that suit well to the fabric of the curtains and hang them at a suitable height. They are available in plenty of design and colour schemes that offer you a wide range to choose from.

For instance, you can go for a metallic eyelet pair of panels for a high end and chic look or go for a soft but warm shade for a sober and understated accent. For eclectic interiors add metallic shades and matching finials and poles complement your richly designed place.

Create an illusion of a spacious place

With an eyelet panel it makes your place appear wider and more spacious. By hanging them several inches above the window track or a few centimeters below the ceiling we lend a hand to make the windows appear taller. Similarly, if you want the windows to appear wider you can draw the curtains up to 8 to 10 inches extra on both sides to create an impression of wider and grander Windows.

In the same way to make your Windows the focal point of your place, position the panel a few below the ceiling and drape them all the way to the floor ending 1 to 2 CM above it. For a more Royal and enrich Outlook let the curtains touch the floor or float on it.

You can take a piece of advice from a professional to help you decide the right position of installing them. Note that if you install them high above the window panel and choose the floor-length your place will automatically appear more spacious and bigger. This trick is useful especially when you have small rooms.

Easy installation

With the metal ring at the top, they need no additional hooks to hang them. They need no professional assistance or guidance when it comes to hanging them. All you need is to align the Rings, put them on the rod and fasten the rod in its place.

Unlike the pencil pleat curtains where you need a professional assistant to help you create the plates, fasten the hooks and put them onto the ring of the curtains rod. Also, you need not worry about the depth of the plates because the Rings are present at an ideal distance which keeps the pleats in a beautiful and unified overall look.

As stated earlier they are easy to replace and install which make the star laundry process quite easier because you can take them off in no time and put directly into the washing machine without worrying the hassle of hanging. They are easy to iron as well because there is no more place once you have taken them off. Instead, they become a flat piece of fabric like a flat bedding sheet.

Curtain’s Fabric

When it comes to choosing the fabric material for eyelet panels it becomes a bit overwhelming because all kinds of fabric that are heavy or lightweight are used for making them. Silk, cotton, sheer, velvet, chenille, polyester, and microfiber are the widely used curtain fabric when it comes to eyelet heading.

Before choosing the fabric material you need to determine the purpose of draperies. Ask yourself whether you want the curtains to create a blackout or to filter only a small portion of light? Do you want to protect your interior and other expensive accessories from sun damage? Do you want to block the draught and thermals or want the air to freshen up your place?

Also, determine whether you want to create a formal or casual look? Once you have the answer to the questions stated above you can choose the desired fabric material in no time. Below are given the pros and cons after commonly used curtain fabric according to their usage.

Cotton, cotton blends & linen: they are a good go-to when it comes to creating a casual look. They are light in weight and do not blog a significant portion of light, noise or draughts moreover they are not an ideal if privacy is the main concern.

They filter only a small portion of light and make your place more airy and fresh. They are readily available in all the colors and designs and offer easy maintenance. The only drawback of having them is they are prone to fading and do not stand with the excessive Sun exposure.

Silk, velvet, & Chenille: they are an ideal choice when it comes to formal curtains. Being made from fine and smooth strands they offer exceptional uniform texture and lustrous appearance. They also come in all color schemes and designs but are a bit expensive when compared with cotton.

They are very durable and have reliable colors. The drawback of having them are they are expensive, need high maintenance and are prone to staining.

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