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Why are iPhone Processors More Efficient and Faster Than Android Phones?

iPhone processors more efficient and faster than Android phones

Buying a mobile phone always requires an evaluation and is not as easy as buying a rug. We have to compare phone deals  for a person is on his to do list. when it comes to comparison, then the very first hic to make is of Iphone or android. The war between iPhone and android has always been a hot topic for every smart phone users. In order to buy a new Mobile phone, research of new phones is always a foremost decision to make.

If I want to sell my mobile phone then first thing find out is that where to sell phones then which new phone to buy. If you are an android user then you have many options and to compare phone deals gives you more reason to buy your favorite. And if you are an Apple fan then of course the latest production is your option.

Silent War

Now many android users actually curse iPhone users that they never try new phone in terms of brand. Now that we have so many android brand that we can have a list of favorites from each brand but Iphone fans always stick to iPhones. This makes them even rude and arrogant and show off kind of person for android user.

That they are brand conscious and want to stand in a society just to show off that they are rich and stuff like that. But as it is saying that there is always a story behind camera. Why iPhone user never change their brand is not because they are show off kind of person but the inner reality and insight of an Iphone actually changes the story.

Hardcore business

Now why Iphone is considered as a finest phone of all times and why it is still progressing every year. The success rate of Apple is growing and growing not only because of its name but the structure of an Iphone also has some credit. From camera quality to high security level, there is something in the phone that attracts users.

Who doesn’t love high speed of phone? The answer is simple, Everyone. This is where Iphone enters. IPhone users always praise the processor of Apple’s phone and it is true that iPhone processors more efficient and faster than Android phones. We have plenty of reasons for this. Apple has their own operating system and also they contain their own hardware which means they can control it, they can maintain it, they can make changes in it, thy can transform it according to the need and time.

Apple has always been concerned and specific that what exactly they want in the chip of their CPU that is why they design it and make it on their own so that they can adjust their requirement in it. The dual core chip helps the processor to work fast. A smart mind knows the requirement of their customer and having full control on the operating system actually make things happen and his is why their processor work fast because of having a control on it.

This also shows the compatibility of IPhone which android lacks. And why it lacks? It is because android has general operating system which any android can utilize it. When it comes to any android then we have so many android phones with us that it is easy for any android phone to have access on the same operating system that other android carries. MI, Sony, One plus, Samsung , Huawei all have same operating system this is why they have compatibility issue which cannot fulfil until and unless operating system of these bands is general.Apple has specific operating system which makes its processor to work more faster and more quicker.

Whereas if we have an android phone, let’s say One plus then one plus has oxygen operating system which is built over stock android operating system that is why the speed of one plus is low. It is just when we are an android user then we have many option to pick up and the price is compatible so one can change a phone after two years or morewhereasIphone last much longer than android as it has been said thatbuyingIphone is an investment that will last longer.

Resale Value

If I want to sell my mobile and I have enough cash to bear an Iphone then Compare phone deals is not an option if my buying area is to find fast phone with a good processor and good operating system. Yes Iphone has also many drawbacks like over rated price, over rated success, buying apps, no more music until and unless you have good command on sound cloud or understanding of downloading music through iTunes.

On the other hand, android is much easier to use, you have access to every app you want to download. You can buy an android phone on a normal price. There is no need to spent a lot of money to buy a mobile phone. You don’t require to think more before buying an android phone in terms of cash. Just some research that which android brand to buy and that’s it.

Having their own operating system and hardware is the main reason why Iphone processors are more efficient and faster than android. The general specific thing always matter in Mobile phones unlike products such as carpets and rugs. Such type of thing always matter for a true phone user who use phone not only because of camera or GB but also because of having good speed. Speed always matter in phone.

You are in a middle of something very important, you don’t have your laptop around and you need to do your stuff on phone and your phone hangs right in the middle of work. This is were speed matte , this is where you think of a good phone with a good processor. Then iPhone in terms of fast processor, is the good option to utilize our money on which can help you in time  when you need your phone badly.

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