Top 6 Pocket Friendly Android Phones In 2019

Smartphone has become one of the basic needs of human emotions and security concerns everywhere in the world for many years. In Britain, the facts reveal that in the year 2018, people ordered goods from their smartphones of approximately 15 billion pounds and this year,the expected amount is 25 billion pounds. An institution researched and predicted that there is a 66% rise in the number of people, who will shop online this year.

The approximation of the number of people is 30 million Brits. The reason behind this is the easy way to shop and this is one of the reasons that people attracted towards smartphones. People are buying such phones almost on the loans when they cannot afford to pay all amount at once.

Google Pixel 3

As the name of Google Pixel consists of Pixel into it, this phone is one of the best android experiencing phones because of the best pixels in photos. It costs around 739 Pound. It is well known for its camera clarity, which might embarrass other users and to get attracted to it. It has another version of Google Pixel 3XL, which has a large screen.

It is the own brand of Google and successful as the company name and abilities. However, because of quite weaker battery life and high price, some people may not prefer this smartphone.

One Plus 6T

The price of One Plus 6T is 499 pound. This is an android phone which is so reasonable as compared to the process. The manufacturer country of it is China and this company also amaze the borrowers with low prices and the best features. It has a wonderful screen, sharp processor, amazing battery back-up, which attract smartphone users to buy it.

It does not have any disappoint except not much changes in the One Plus. To show some changes, the manufacturer has removed the headset jack, so it may be a disappointment for many people. People loving the Bluetooth headsets might still love this phone.

Honor View20

One of the demanded android phones in the market Is Honor. It is the branch of the Chinese company Huawei. This company also stuns android mobile phones users because of its low prices and brand new features. The cost of this phone is 499 pound. This phone has a good selfie camera of 48 megapixels. The headphone jack is of 3.55 mm and the design is so attractive due to the excellence.

The negative things about this phone are that its battery life is not so good and the display is quite disappointing and it is not waterproofed. Still, it is reasonable and if one likes its presented features, they can buy it.

Motorola Moto G7 Power

This is one of the most budget-friendly phones as it costs 179 pounds only. People can get this phone, which has a battery backup of 5000 mah battery. It is cheaper but it also looks like a branded or premium smartphone because of its good features and looks. Some people might not like it because of the low prices, because they think expensive phones are more effective.

People, who are borrowing through very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker because they have the urgent need of a smartphone, can prefer such funding option to reduce the burden of repayment.

Xperia XZ2 Compact

It is considered as the best compact smartphone because of its size and features and also reasonable prices. It costs 529 pounds. People, who are not fans of the trends of something larger and bigger, may prefer such loans. It has Android 8 operating system, 64 GB memory storage. Its processor is 2.7 HZ snapdragon. 19 Megapixel and a classy look. Its features are almost the same as the large-sized Xperia.

Samsung Galaxy J5

It is one of the best budgeted phones as compared to the features. It costs around 240 pounds and preferred by the audience because of nothing in it, which will make you feel like your phone is cheaper than your buddy’s phone. It has a strong battery backup, amazing display and the best performance when you compare it with other high priced phones or models. Despite looking at its price and thinking that it won’t look expensive in front of others, but if your financial conditions are average.

After reading about the pros and cons of such phones, one rational person can easily decide which mobile phone is suitable for him or her by analyzing the features, looks, price and his own financial conditions. As many people use debt financing to get a smartphone, you can also do that with a funding option.

Financial Sources to Utilize

There are various financial companies, which are financing you to buy a phone or you can use your debit card or credit card. In case, you have already completed your card limit or you do not have sufficient balance in your credit card at the same time, you cannot use the overdraft facility, then the debt financing from the financial lending companies are preferable.

You must choose the debt financing options as per your financial conditions to not to get rejected from the end of the lender. For example, a person who has bad credit scores, if goes to the standard financial companies to borrow money for a cell phone, then his loan will be rejected. Here, the person can find an online lending company, offering bad credit loans without guarantor because a low credit scorer cannot arrange a cosigner easily, instead, he can convince the lender about the proper repayment schedule via his income status.

In the nutshell

A smartphone can reflect someone’s financial stature but it does not mean that if one has a cheaper smartphone, he cannot get much respect. The smartphone is just for communication and doing multiple things by sitting at home. Thus, price does not matter but what matter is how such an android phone is working for easing any mess in life.

Our analysis will help you to go for your desired option. Of course, price does not matter especially when you have the funding backup from the financial institutions. They are offering attractive financial offers that can cover not only half of the phone price but the entire amount too. Thus, don’t think too much. It is time to live your life in your own style. Compare, buy and enjoy!

These are, top 6 pocket-friendly android phones are discussed above, which one can buy even in the low credit rating situation with loans for bad credit and no guarantor .

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