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During the development of the last days, we have seen the update of Aptoide, a technological platform specially designed to download all the Android applications you want without visiting the Google PlayStore. In this informative section, we will present the details regarding this new delivery of the mobile application.

Highlights Aptoide

For all those people who simply look for something different, Aptoide represents an unprecedented alternative to the famous Google PlayStore technology platform. We have recently confirmed the official launch of this application, which, in an accelerated way, pursues a more efficient option over existing ones.

What’s new in Aptoide

Currently available for Android and Apple, to use Aptoide you only need to access the application from your mobile device and, place your preferred option in the search menu. It is possible to find most Android content in the interface or search engine, in this formidable application.

The display of a list with all the applications related to your search will be shown on the screen of the device to choose the one of your preference. A simple fluid, dynamic and spontaneous interface is presented to our eyes, thanks to the faultless work of its developers.

According to the information that currently circulates on the todoandroidvzla news portal, we have been able to point out that. The list of applications can also grant ratings and reputation to offer the user a higher level of confidence.

For all those users who seek access to all existing applications in the market without limitations, Aptoide represents the most viable option to access the wonderful digital world.

Aptoide APK Features and Details for Android

  • Install the best Applications
  • Control the Apps that your employees install.
  • Distribute updates.
  • Choose from multiple stores.
  • No cost, manage effort or IPR complications.
  • Easily create a site to advertise your application.
  • Reach a larger audience.
  • Get updated statistics of devices to use.
  • Revenue share of advertisement (if applicable).
  • Make your internal applications available in a private Store.
  • Don’t be limited by geographical, political or content policy restrictions.

Where can I download Aptoide

Currently, the application is available for Android and iOS, the same, can be obtained in the virtual stores of Apple and Google, respectively. However, there are some portals that contain the APK version of the application such is the case of PlayStore name.

Learn More: Download Aptoide

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