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Android Vs iOS Development Which Is Better

IOS vs Android and an ever going battle which most certainly is expected to continue even in the times to come. Now with the no concluding battle amongst them makes the market confused on who should they on as a platform for their projects. Companies presently seem to be extremely puzzled when it comes to deciding which platform they should opt to develop their app. As both the platforms have their strengths and drawbacks which makes it all the more complicating to make a decision.

This post is composed to provide both Android and iOS details so that it becomes easier for the readers to view both the platforms and make a preference from either of them according to their requirement. From a statement that was drawn from an interview which was conducted from the mobile app developers in Texas, they initiated their contributing on the subject by confirming that through a financial standpoint the iOS platform consistently has been earning more revenue in comparison to Android. Not being enough in this article we’ll dig even deeper into statistics to figure which platform is better and through which aspects are they stronger from the other.

A key thing to always understand when comparing the iOS and Android development process it is crucial to leave aside your personal preference during analyzing both the platforms. Rather it is always a plus to keep the perspective of your business and the parameters that matter as a priority to be kept in your mind. The highs and lows of the two platforms are most spoken of in the market because now every business is adding to their identity a mobile app developers in Texas as an addition to their premiering feature. Every business is vastly considering the key aspects of iOS and Android as the two most prime mobile operating systems.


By studying demographics much can be figured out about the Android and iOS users. This exactly where the investigation should begin from by analyzing the facts such as that presently Android holds the largest market share in the global market but then through studies it is also shown that these shares are found mostly from low-income areas that are from developing countries. Now when speaking of the iOS users it is found that the users are typically younger with a higher level of education so they are earning much more and can afford to spend more per app. Before opting for a platform you should consider greatly on the audience you are targeting.

 Android vs iPhone User’s: Pointers are provided below for a clearer understanding.

 Android User’s

  • 80% of them are most likely to have a high school diploma.
  • 71% of them are the local audience who haven’t traveled abroad.
  • 12% of them are found to be animal/ pet lovers.
  • The chances of them to be in Utility/ Energy/ IT are more likely.
  • 24% are more likely to be earning 100k or even less.
  • 12% of them are seen to have an introverted personality.
  • They are mostly young men whose age varies from 34years old to younger.

iOS User’s

  • 37% of them are most likely to have a graduation degree.
  • 50% of the users are found to be travelers who have already visited over 5 countries.
  • 39% are estimated to be high-maintained.
  • More likely to be in Marketing/Media/Business.
  • 67% of the users are seen to be earning approximately 200k or more who most certainly enjoy spending it.
  • 14% are more likely to be extroverted.
  • 29% of the users are most likely to be elderly women over the age group of 35.

Therefore one of the most effective and needed questions that you should consider asking yourself before attaining the services to develop an app from either of the platforms is who are your targeted audience. Because the consideration is absolutely crucial to be made accordingly in order to reach out to the precise audience. Considering the targeted audience most certainly will play out extremely well as it will help to prioritize your development requirements as well as possible even save some money in operating correctly rather than encountering a hurdle.

Choosing your app development platform iOS or Android

After gathering numerous feedbacks and according to research it is found that in general it is more lucrative and easier to start developing apps of iOS as it helps to earn more while you are recognized as an effective app more quicker in comparison and the overall plus side is that the cost of the mobile app development is even lower. Another essential reason to consider the iOS platform is that when you are developing a new app there is a significant learning curve that is found to cater to the understanding of what is working and what isn’t.

Another way to see to this perspective is that when considering the two platforms or when looking into the android platform alone it will be seen to be much more challenging due to the fragmentations as it potentially makes app development non-profitable. But in a different scenario where your business is a start-up and has a versatile audience and your current motive is just to introduce your business in the market it will make better sense to start with android as in the emerging market it has more value since people in such markets tend to visit app store much more often.


It is definite that they are various aspects that are required to be considered when opting from the two platforms. Choosing an app development platform for your personal need or then for your business would mean that every detail even the smallest matters. Make sure to take account of all the details provided above since when catering the services of app development your criteria must be met while the platform you choose is also providing you a reliable and oriented experience that you are wanting to achieve. The platform chosen could be iOS or than Android whichever that fits better according to your requirement at the end of the day should enhance the delivery of your project in an overall manner.

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