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Best Tips to Choose Magento 2 Extensions

Magento is the most popularly used platform that holds a common market share of about 18% of all the ecommerce websites. Magento 2 has already been founded in November 2015 and investigation has stated that this percentage will grow greatly in the coming future. With the earlier version slowly getting phased out, more and more company owners will undoubtedly embrace the 2.0 platform all over the globe.

A fully functional feature plays a critical role in an online website and so it is essential to understand the requirements and then carefully make a move to the latest version. Magento 1.0 is popular for its versatility, but it too had some shortcomings that included loading speed and lack of key administrative tools.

When is the right time to embrace Magento 2

Magento 2 has important features that make the platform better that its previous version and these latest features help to compete with other well-known platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. It is expected that the latest platform will run faster by 30% as full page cache is built into the platform and the pages are supposed to load a lot faster.

Upgrading to the new version entirely depends upon the present site condition. In situation, your site is doing well, and then there is no rush, then you can start to explore the new version. But in case your older version is showing some serious performance issues and you are using numerous 3rd party magento extension, then it’s surely time to plan for a revamp. The default Magento 2 version already has adequate features that there is no need to install many magento extension on the site that are costly and also ineffective.

How to choose the best extensions

Check the product: It is very important that you know the product’s life-cycle to understand how the provider focuses on the products with the number of improvements, newly added features, bug fixes and etc. The extension should be able to meet the current customer needs and the provider at the same time should pay attention to upgrade the extensions so that it meets the changing demands of the market.

Verify the extension: There are numerous providers who state different features for their magento extension and they seem all the same. However, it is important to experience them both back-end and front-end as a user and you can consider the points like easy configuration, front-end design, smooth running and etc.

Read customer’s reviews: Going through the customer’s reviews would help you to understand the product better. One provider might be good at one extension, but not at others. If you want to know about the specific extension, then taking a close look at the review would help you have a clear idea.

Check the reputation of the provider: It is very important for you to check the history of the extension service provider. In simple words, if the provider has thousands of customers, then you too can choose them, as the Magento 2 extension market is also fiercely competitive and only an experienced provider can survive such competition.

Switching from your Magento 1.0 version to the latest Magento 2 version can be beneficial for your site as you will now be able to enjoy lots of features and extension to make your business the best for your customers.

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