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Top 5 Trending App Development Companies

App development over the years has gained a huge amount of importance. Even the field has taken up a boost overall as an impact. Due to the demand increase with the day to day tech advancements each and everyone is grasping from the convenience that it brings along. Undeniably it can be experienced that the assistance of mobile applications are literally invading various and nearly in every market as well.

May it be to assist in the operations of businesses in the form of an E-commerce or business app, to assist academically through a learning app, or then for a personal need to communicate or to overcome issues such as medical-related and etc. In many different areas, you’ll find them being used. This is encountered and experienced because of the app development companies that invented them.

When spoken of the market of professional mobile app development companies on a whole it is very vast, let alone when spoken specifically of the market presence in the country of USA. Through surveys taken up, it has been analyzed that businesses profit a lot through adapting to mobile applications and digitalized enhancements.

When taken to consideration of which app development company’s services should be availed a lot of prospects and considerations are required to be taken in regards. Such as the cost attached to the development implication, the success and experience in the previous years of the company, the primary focus of the company whether it is just to gain profits or are they able to relate and deliver according to the business’s requirement.

For those who are considering implementing the services of an App Development Company for their business, this post would be of quite a help for them. In order to help make up their mind on their decision. Since business takes up a high volume of demand presently to a calculation of 80% businesses that avail the app development services to engage more users to their brand or then to create a utility app to help assist them in the operation of the business.

As per current and the most recent market analysis conducted a result estimated that has been composed till further new advancements take up. The ranking gathered for now of the top 10 trending app development companies in the USA for the year 2019 has been accordingly placed below till a new statistic is updated.

Consagous Technologies

The company has been formed since over a decade now and has consistently provided quality mobile applications. It carries a reputation along that delivers an outclass and amazing aspect in terms of its development services. Since it has a very stronghold in the market currently as well.

It is recognized to feature competent app development services of Apple, Android, and Hybrid as well. Consagous Technology is very well recognized for its remarkable services compiled with a highly experienced professional team of developers and also a set of professional testing department.

Dogtown Media

They managed to achieve their recognition due to the reliable support service they gained in both desktop and mobile service since founded in the year 2011. Dogtown Media is currently presenting one of the most amazing outclassed app development services in comparison to any other service provider in the whole market.

This is being done to help assist to overcome the diverse clientele requirements emerging on rapid bases due to the technology evolution occurring.  Even though it is presently located only at one location in California but the indulgence to grow with revenue gained is being taken to consideration to acquire a larger market in the time to come as the demand grows to their quality provided services.


RippenApps is one of the upfront leading mobile application development agency. Not just leading but also it is currently providing services to nearly a hundred companies around the globe while mainstreaming and also not compromising in their standards of services that are being distributed.

Their reputation in iOS and Android development services are unmatched. While providing hindrance free solutions with numerous newly startups and businesses that are wanting to grasp better indulgence of services from them without a glitch. Since they are well acquainted and aware of their potential services.


Cumulations Technologies is a good recon application development agency which is highly trusted amongst their clients. Being located in the USA it has a high demand in the market due to the customized solution they provide for varies fields while being in service in numerous areas. Recently they have introduced to provide services in environments such as B2E, B2B, and B2C as well. Cumulations Technologies has been able to place a reputation is each sector to provide top-notch services that also with ease.

Now may it be Custom/logistic, academic, medical or any other sector their preference would rally with Cumulations Technologies. Clients are always on the move to find satisfying and better solutions which over the years have been maintained by them due to which the reputation stays in tacked.


With the current advancements rapidly progressing it is hard to incline with the latest modification even though of their necessity. In such a scenario Envative assists to meet the diverse business requirements as well. They comprise of a dedicated team to design UI/UX to enhance by the emphasis on the quality of service.

If your business is in a lookout for an application company that would not compromise in their services then Envative is the perfect company to collaborate with. Since they provide services for both platforms Android as well as iOS with the utmost quality.

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