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7 Highly Effective Web Design Tips To Boost Sales

Across the web, you can find numerous tips for a website design that is ordinary. Every person has a different opinion and a definition of a perfect website. It is because the design and aesthetics of a site are a subjective approach. It is impossible to have a single state of mind for a perfect plan.

Simultaneously, the website design is a critical element that decides the success of a business. Many people assume that design is a factor that determines the credibility of a company which consequently influences the conversion rate, bounce rates, and other essential metrics.

While you can find many blogs and articles based on subjective choices on how to craft a successful website design. Well, we are here with objective strategic reasons for how to successfully create a website design. There are only a handful of web design companies in Singapore that adheres the scientifically driven techniques to craft the website.

Stay on this article and discover compelling reasons which are scientifically proven. So, stop going by your instincts and adhere to the proven strategies. Let’s begin

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  • 10 Highly Effective Web Design Tips To Boost Sales
  • Scientifically Proven Web Design Tips to Ace Your Website Design Project
  • Make Website Speed An Unquestionable Preference
  • Take Advantage of Hick’s Law
  • Keep Your Website Simple
  • Implement Scrolling Over Clicking
  • Navigate Attention with Visual Cues
  • Use the Right List Order
  • Social Proof is Your Mojo
  • Ready To Develop A Scientifically Backed Website?

Scientifically Proven Web Design Tips to Ace Your Website Design Project

Let’s get on board with us and discover research-oriented tips and tricks on how to improve your website design.

Make Website Speed An Unquestionable Preference

When we talk about the design of a website, somewhere down the line, we ignore the loading speed of a website. It is the least debated argument in the web design sphere.

Make Website Speed An Unquestionable Preference
Make Website Speed An Unquestionable Preference

The studies have proved that website speed plays a crucial role and influences bounce rate, conversion rate and ROI for a business.

Server delay test

If your website takes time to load, visitors are going to divert from your website. Consequently, visitors’ bounce rate and search engine ranking are going to shoot-up.

Take Advantage of Hick’s Law

Hick’s law asserts that the more choices an individual has, the longer they will take to make a judgment.

But how is Hick’s law is essential for your website design? Well, you can use the law in your favor by giving a limited number of choices to the users. Here are some examples to look at-

  • Truncate the number of menu items.
  • Limited form fields.
  • Focus on a single call to action.
  • Display only your active social media handles.
  • One goal per web page strategy.

Keep Your Website Simple

Keep the design complexity of your website to the minimum. According to a study by Google, Visitors don’t like visual complexity, and it is better to work on the aesthetics of a website, i.e. functionality and scalability. Themes and design is a secondary thing.

So, how can you recalibrate your website design? Here are a couple of tips

  • Rethink the sidebar – Single column design is more convenient than the sidebar. It results in focused content and the least distractions for a visitor.
  • Adopt basic layouts – When a user sees a familiar website, it becomes easier for a user to navigate across. A non-familiar design can overwhelm a user and leads to confusion. Consequences include a higher bounce rate and least engagement. Therefore, it is prudent to stick with basic layouts — there numerous ways to be distinct from your rivals than just thinking that web design is the ultimate way to be unique.

Implement Scrolling Over Clicking

Rather than condensing the information into sliders and try to streamline the information in a single web page.

According to a study by crazy egg,  Conversion rate shot up 30% more than the prevailing trend when sales pages were integrated into a single-long web page. Users prefer scrolling than clicking on sliders to get the required information.

Reconsider your tactics, and have a fresh approach to drive higher ROI for your business.

Navigate Attention with Visual Cues

You are the captain of your business website. The website design must be crafted with dexterity and guide users to where you want them. You can achieve your objective by allocating dynamic weight and preferences to exclusive elements on a web page. It helps in channelizing the focus to your objective.

For example, using direct visual cues by taking advantage of a psychological fact that humans tend to look in the same direction as the people see in advertisements.

These are some subtle tricks that you can incorporate to get user’s attention.

Use the Right List Order

Make the information accessible in ordered patterns. As human attention is fickle due to the serial-positon effect. It states that in a list of events, the person is most-likely to remember the items that came in the beginning and the end. The middle section is highly likely to be overseen and forgotten.

The bottom line- When listing the items and attributes of products and services on your business website, brainstorm the plan about the placement and be aware that where will they create the maximum impact on a user.

Social Proof is Your Mojo

Social recommendation plays a vital role in the success of any business. If your company has excellent reviews about your services, their testimonials spread like wildfire across the particular diaspora. It will encourage new users to use your product and services.

Ready To Develop A Scientifically Backed Website?

When you consider science proved facts into the account while developing a website design, you are assured that these tips and tricks are going to work in my favour. When you mean business, research is always going to have the upper hand over the gut feeling. Have a substantial plan then work on that plan effectively. These techniques can get your lost mojo back and certainly improves conversion rates and other success benchmarks of your website.

Do you have other scientifically-proven tips to boost the business? If so, please share it under the comments section below. Happy reading, fellas.

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