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Top 8 E-commerce Platforms for Your Business

It can be challenging for brick-and-mortar businesses to choose an E-commerce platform to enhance sales and attract high-end customers. The leading E-commerce platforms help you to create an online store and sell products to customers in your town, city, or state. From drag and drop options to using enticing templates and features, perfect E-commerce stores can help business owners sell products on their own without any hassle. Some E-commerce platforms provide cookie-cutter templates for business owners, while others design a tailored online store based on the customer’s unique needs. If you are still in research mode and want to build a compelling online store, then here are 8 top-rated E-commerce platforms based on integration modules, payment gateways, and reviews.

  1. SiteBuilder

Business owners who want a decent E-commerce store with seamless options can use SiteBuilder. Every feature on SiteBuilder is simple, detailed, and enticing for the users. SiteBuilder has amazing features helping you pick the right domain, hosting, unlimited bandwidth, SEO-friendly tools, storage, and drag-and-drop accessibility. Using SiteBuilder is as easy as choosing a template, pick the domain, and publish your dream E-commerce website. The users can easily pick from countless templates, add a perfect store to your website, and skyrocket engagement. With the help of three amazing plans on SiteBuilder and countless staggering templates, you can build an online website without consulting an E-commerce app development company.

  1. BigCommerce

From offering affordable E-commerce solutions to seamless functionality for SMEs, BigCommerce can empower businesses to sell products online from the first day. It provides a wide range of user-friendly tools which help store owners promote their best products and discounted deals anytime. BigCommerce allows business owners to create an out-of-the-box online store using market-winning tools and amazing features. As a reliable E-commerce platform integrated with eBay and Amazon, building an online store using BigCommerce can be easy. Every industry-expert E-commerce app development company is using BigCommerce to create a compelling online retail website or mobile app for various merchants.

  1. Shopify

With over hundreds of mobile-optimized themes, Shopify is one of the leading E-commerce platforms to create an online store. The best part about Shopify is that you can use the best features such as live chat, email, or Twitter to integrate into the online store. Shopify is an easy-to-use E-commerce platform offering a wide array of functionality for SMEs and enterprises. It also provides extra features which include the physical location of your online store, social channels, and quick integration with other popular marketplaces. Use a single platform to sell multiple products by executing social media campaigns and offering discounted packages. Shopify is a reliable E-commerce platform for SME’s, startups, and high-end businesses that are waiting anxiously to go online and start selling millions of products every single day.

  1. Volusion

Volusion is one of the oldest E-commerce platforms offering assistance to business owners who wish to go online to enhance regular sales. It offers comprehensive services to all retailers which include project management tools, subscription options, rock-solid E-commerce tools, and different types of loyalty programs. Besides helping retailers create online visibility, Volusion provides many different options such as selling on social channels, SEO-friendly features, and easy integration with the leading marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. The pricing packages can be a bit baffling for first-time users because the premium templates can be expensive. Volusion also has many extra features which include drag and drop functionality, unlimited bandwidth, and round-the-clock support.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is helping retailers look like an expert from the start. It is a leading all-in-one E-commerce platform which can help retailers enhances their sales and customer fanbase. As a full-fledged E-commerce platform, there are several options to choose from which include unlimited bandwidth, free storage, drag and drop options, and market-winning tools. But there are a few restricted features on Squarespace, fewer payment options, and no major marketplace functionality to add further features and tailored elements. This top-rated E-commerce platform also integrates with only a few features and functionalities.

  1. Store 24×7

With increasing popularity in the race for vertical-leading E-commerce platforms, Store 24×7 can help retailers build a market-winning online store in five days. With the help of Store 24×7, online retailers can sell products anywhere they want, provide free-shipping options, promote stunning themes, and integrate with other leading platforms. Store 24×7 offer all-in-one features to retailers helping them grow faster than their competitors. It helps you build a faster and high-grade E-commerce app with all the right features. You don’t have to pay any transaction fees when selling products online, streamline the mCommerce experience, and cancel orders anytime.

  1. Magento

As a type of amazing open-source platform, Magento can help you design a functional and seamless E-commerce store. Use drag and drop options, enticing functionality, easy payment options, and different types of plugins to create a top-rated online store. The best part about Magento is that it has a great community which is helping a wide range of retailers sell products online. But Magento doesn’t support any type of updates and have drawbacks of self-hosted platforms. There are different types of prices you can choose from based on the magnitude of the business you are running. Retailers don’t have to pay anything to create an online store using Magento but added functionalities cost more.

  1. Wix Store

When it comes to using drag-and-drop option and market-winning features, Wix Store has become one of the leading E-commerce and website builder platforms. You don’t have to learn or write a single line of code to build a comprehensive E-commerce website with numerous features and product pages. From reliable shipping options to simple add-to-cart options and checkout procedure, Wix Store provides an all-in-one platform which is seamless for first-timers to use. Whether you wish to create an enterprise-grade E-commerce website with payment options or an enticing Business website to build online visibility, use Wix Store today and build a website (online presence) in a single day.

Here are eight leading E-commerce platforms which are helping businesses sell high-quality products online and skyrocketing sales. Choose the best E-commerce platform if you want to create a leading online store for your business. Reach out to a leading E-commerce app development company that can help you create a reliable merchant-customer communication channel with the best features.

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