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5+ Best Simple Gutenberg WordPress Themes

Gutenberg is the latest addition to the WordPress block editor in version 5.0. The compatibility, visual elegance and super-fast interface permit users to curate incredible content layouts for WordPress websites.

Rather than contacting a website designer and working collectively with high amounts of payments involved, one can simply head to WordPress and utilize the diverse number of tools and services that are available for website creation.

Shifting from HTML to a WordPress theme? No worries, WordPress has solutions for every little issue you will face.

Keep reading to equip yourself with valuable information regarding the few best themes that Gutenberg has bought to WordPress’s interface.

Gutenberg Compatible Rodberg Travel Blog WordPress Theme

The number of trial and error steps taken when building a Travel Blog is usually the most common reason that people back out and decide to pursue some other passion or hobby.

The Rodberg Travel Blog theme is a one-stop solution for such travel blog building problems. Pre-designed pages with tested user interaction and a vast number of customization tools are what this theme offers.

Right from the footer of your blog to your copyrights tag below, you can twist, turn and play around with all widgets and features to curate your best bet. Whether you are transferring from HTML to WordPress themes or vice versa, you are good to go about your tasks with the usage of this drag and drop front/backend editing theme.

Clairwell WordPress theme for Medical Research and Scientific blogs

Creating a website for Medical research, hospital information or the sales of medicines? This theme has been created with a focus on the health domain. The compatibility with Appland allows website builders to include the usage of conversion of multiple languages for simple global understanding.

Now no need to fret about how will viewers in diverse parts of the world respond to an English language website when they are not familiar with the language. The in-built landing pages and second click pages have been given the freedom to be customized to its maximum extent by the user.

Speaking in terms of responsiveness, we faced zero glitches and have only been rewarded by exceptionally fast reaction times for adopting this theme. Forget complicated codes and googling the internet for your queries, the in-built visual editor lets you manage and optimize all the features you have opted to include.

Clean Folio Gutenberg powered WordPress theme

This theme was created with an intention such that diverse industries can make use of its diverse functionality. Organization, visual competence, hassle-free navigation, and elegance were the standards that were inculcated during the creation of such a theme.

Whether you need to convert from a PSD to WordPress theme or an HTML to WordPress theme, this is the simplest of professionally elegant options in the market. The important pages of a website – the landing page, self/company information page and the ‘contact me’ page, all have been made while keeping in mind the goal of an impressive website owner’s portfolio.

Indicana – Recreational Marijuana WordPress Theme

Similar to the Clairwell theme in some aspects and also unique in some, the Indicana theme is a perfect solution for cannabis-based coffee shops, marijuana dispensaries, and pot-concentrate stores. What would a legal online Cannabis chain require to maximize their growth?

The answers are visible in the features that come with this theme. Catalog diaries, attractive product listings, detailed and visually capturing articles, wondrous photoshoot galleries and an easy-to-add/remove shopping cart, all when combined together, put forth the most perfect Marijuana -focused WordPress website on the world wide web.

You can also use the compatible WP Bakery Page Builder plugin for simple drag and drop mechanisms that help in faster website building durations.

Monstroid 2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress theme

This theme radiates a bright interface for top-notch multipurpose and pre-designed pages and sections ready to be populated. Ranging from footnotes to headers and footers to attractive product listings or even a full-fledged online shopping portal, Monstroid 2 has been made for all levels of website designers, be it an amateur or a pro.

Wilco – Made for Content Writers and Content Creators Blogs

This theme has been extensively optimized to increase google insights, Pingdom performance, and diverse plugins support. When you download this theme, you can easily navigate through the documentation provided.

This gives you an idea of the most well-to-do fonts, boxed designs, widgets, page layouts, and GTmatrix rankings. Content curating, writing and creation companies can make great usage of the format of this theme.

The whole point of sharing information regarding the Gutenberg PSD to WordPress theme Editor is to make people aware of this new addition to the WordPress universe. The fact that Gutenberg is a general editor makes it ready-to-use with any theme of your choice, whether brought from a different website provider or your own personally coded theme.

The focus on the visuals of your website is going to help you make the mark, there is not any better route than the Gutenberg route.

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