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Instagram WordPress Themes: Highlighting the Creativity of the Blogs

Integrating your Instagram profile into the WordPress website. That you have is not a problem anymore, especially because a number of Instagram WordPress based themes are available. These themes are known to render the best possible solution for making the Instagram profile stunning. Thereby helping you to incorporate them easily in your website. This happens because of the unmatched flexibility that they have.

If you do not have an Instagram profile, you should ensure that you get one as soon as you can. Because this visual platform is going to be immensely helpful in giving your brand the exposure that it needs. It hardly matters if you have just started your business, or you are experienced enough, Instagram plays a huge role in dealing with all your online audiences. In order to get the best out of the WordPress Instagram combination, you need to use certain responsive themes that will provide you with exactly the things that you are looking for.

Given below is a list of the popular Instagram WordPress based themes, which will permit you to showcase your creativity at an optimum level.

Brixton Blog

Blogging comprises of telling a story and it normally varies from one person to another. However, a common thing that almost all the bloggers believe is that particular content is responsible for determining the responsiveness and flexibility of the entire blog. The best idea is to go for focused and clean content and in order to get what you are looking for; you can choose this particular theme.

This theme is undoubtedly the best choice for most of the popular bloggers all over the world. The best thing about using this theme is that it is capable of maintaining a simple and minimalistic approach, despite the fact that it is completely compatible with Instagram and its interface. The theme consists of a built-in widget, which will allow you to integrate your Instagram feed right into the WordPress website.


When you are looking for the best possible Instagram WordPress based themes, you can never miss this particular one. Redwood is an extremely popular theme, which attracts each and every blogger, especially those who are interested in integrating Instagram with their blog, despite the niches that they have.

This theme has a dedicated plug-in, which allows the bloggers to arrange all their visuals in the already available sidebar along with the full-width feed. This theme will allow you to entice all your followers as well as readers, and you will also be able to optimize the Instagram profile by incorporating it into the web design.


If you are looking for an Instagram based intriguing theme that will help you to launch the very first blog, this is the one that you cannot miss considering. It is extremely easy to set up this theme. And there are no confusing processes involved. It is true that most people might consider this theme to be ordinary. But you need to know that this theme is known to encompass a number of features, which include a variety of index pages, different blog layouts, and built-in headers etc., which make this theme one of the best for the novice bloggers.

An eye-catching feature that this theme has is the Instagram full-width feed, which is capable of rendering the hovering effect, thereby conferring all the significant data about every individual visual respectively. From the comments to the likes and all the other kinds of engagement, you will be able to effortlessly enjoy your Instagram with the help of this blog. Choose best WordPress Themes from Digital template Market.


WordPress and Instagram are the living examples of the institutions that come with flexibility. If you are someone who loves to have the viewers go through a number of visuals that is being shared by you on a regular basis on Instagram, it is definitely a good idea to go for this particular theme. It comes with a number of pre-built materials, which are going to be extremely useful for you.

You can select from a magazine as well as a blog style. Along with a number of custom widgets and buttons for sharing your posts on social media. You can showcase all the recent uploads along with the total number of comments and likes. This will enable your viewers to understand exactly how famous your business is on Instagram.


Winston is an ideal theme for the users who are looking for something that is extremely stylish and crisp. This theme allows users to create user-friendly websites. That are known to sport all the current web trends. As well as modern technologies. You can choose between the sliding format and the carousel format for featuring all the posts on the blog.

The Instagram images are displayed on the sidebar. You can use this theme without having to worry about anything else. If you are interested in gaining more likes on your Instagram posts.


If a businessman is in hurry and wants to set up the WordPress site as fast as possible. This is undoubtedly the perfect theme. Which he can trust easily. This theme allows creating a page that is appealing and it helps in opening up the gate for traffic. To enter directly from the reputed social media networks like Instagram. If you want, you can feature your feed by taking assistance from a plug-in. In any way you want on the blog or the website.


If you are looking forward to gaining online exposure, this theme is going to help you with your dream. The theme allows incorporating the Instagram feed with your website along with widgets and galleries. This further assures you to connect with more people, on basis of the niche that you belong to.


These themes are going to be absolutely perfect for you. Whether have just started or you are experienced enough. You can set all of these themes up easily without having to go through any kind of troublesome procedure. Don’t waste your time anymore, just set-up your website and enter the world of web marketing for enhancing business revenue.

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