How Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming The Future Of Video Marketing

TV adverts that used to be shown in-between your favorite show or movie were seldom meant to bore you instead most people have vouched that these adverts kept them entertained and interested. The same notion has now been brought to the realm of digital marketing or online marketing as most people call it.

It only emerged from websites and then slowly shifted towards internet marketing, search engine optimization and is now being executed on social media platforms. So, now that you know the importance of digital branding, the next advancement in branding is how artificial intelligence and machine learning is playing a role in transforming video marketing to a greater extent.

A Brief Outlook On Video Marketing

The notion of video marketing emerged not more than a decade ago but over the years, it has become one of the integral parts of branding and digital marketing. Numerous surveys and statistics have suggested that people now prefer animated content and visuals over textual content. The traditional methods of marketing have become outdated and you no longer have to spend your time and money on getting a spot on billboard adverts when you can do the same across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Importance Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is effective for many reasons and for that; you first have to understand its importance. Since videos are not limited to a specific target audience, no matter the audience demographics you are targeting, every form of video has proven to be effective. The core reason to execute a marketing campaign is to bring awareness towards the brand and in turn, generate traffic that is later on changed into potential customers of the brand.

If you resort to search engine optimization and content marketing alone then the results might not be as effective as audiences now crave engagement, interaction and entertainment all at once. Several brands are shifting towards video animation as the wonder animation company could bring to their brand’s persona with quality video production yields them with greater results.

Does Video Marketing Have Any Cons?

Not every online or offline business could possibly benefit from incorporating video marketing into its strategy. Most video marketing campaigns such as the ones you see on Facebook or Instagram are paid. Paid marketing and adverts cannot be relied on in the long run and brands would have to resort to organic marketing at some point. If you think you are a brand that can manage to generate traffic without paid campaigns and organic marketing is enough for you then you might not have to apply video marketing into your marketing strategy ever.

Is Artificial Intelligence Improving Digital Marketing?

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning have changed the landscape of existing marketing solutions. Now customers seek a dynamic approach to everything that they view and it could be a product or even a service. If you limit yourself to the old and conventional methods and do not bring in automation into marketing then you will not be able to keep up with the existing competition in the industry you belong to.

The Benefits Of AI In Digital Marketing

You cannot deem both artificial intelligence and machine learning has the prime mediums for digital marketing but you can still utilize their concepts to shape and hone your marketing strategies further. The types of digital marketing are aplenty and AI cannot be an ideal candidate for each existing type. Suppose, you are running an on-site marketing campaign then AI is the best selection for it. It would be required for you to drive traffic towards your website and then convert those individuals into actual leads. With the inclusion of machine learning, the idea of automation is included in your campaign and that speeds up the process even more.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Use AI In Marketing?

Now if you own a brand or an organization that has to do a lot with numbers and data then you might have to resort to AI and machine learning. If not, then you will solely be investing your efforts and time into something that can be achieved without using artificial intelligence. The more data you have, the more expensive the process of data automation and then incorporating AI to form a marketing campaign becomes. Those who have to compile extensive amounts of data only to run a campaign driven by AI have to spend a lot of their time in shaping and perfecting the data they accumulate into a sound marketing campaign.


Digital marketing trends are aplenty and not always you have to resort to a specific trend. At times, marketers happen to merge the concept of two or more marketing types and then shape the strategy accordingly. As for video marketing, it is already so extensive and detailed that you can choose one aspect of it and focus on using it to shape your digital marketing or branding campaign.

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