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Lead the Way with Latest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Lead the Way with Latest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019 and Beyond

It’s just four months, and then we will bid adieu to 2019. 2019 has been a very productive year for social media marketing with many popular trends hogging the limelight in the corporate world. We have seen how video content and Instagram stories are influencing the minds of target audiences. The story of 2020 is not going to be different. Admittedly, it is going to gain more impetus with the ever-changing scenario in Digital Marketing Services. So, brace yourself to face the inevitable.

According to Statista, the global investment in social media advertising is expected to reach around $48 billion by 2021 from $32 billion in 2017.

This blog drives you through the top social media marketing trends of 2020, following which you can plan a more robust business strategy to face the competition confidently.

Privacy and Security the Prime Concern

You must be aware that Facebook was accused of selling personal user data, which triggered a considerable spark worldwide. Therefore, data privacy and security is one of the major concerns on social media platforms safeguarding information and customer data.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be exposed to various threats. These may include creating fake accounts, human error, phishing attacks, malware attacks, and more.

Is there a Possible Way Out?

Yes, you can boost the security of your social media presence to prevent any data breach or unauthorized entry.

  • Employing Strong Password- Did you use your name 123 as a password. Cut it, Instead create a strong password that contains everything; small caps, large caps, numerical, and special characters.
  • Don’t Depend on Default Settings: When you create a social media account, don’t just rely on default settings. It’s essential to customize your account manually.
  • Never Link your Business Account with Personal- Avoid linking your business and personal accounts as it leads to access to multiple accounts. Also, restrict the admin privileges to a few trusted employees.
  •  Be Careful of What You Share- Social media is the fastest platform to share information with just a few clicks. Thus, you should be careful about what you are sharing. Make sure you are not compromising on confidential data.
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The Growing Popularity of Live Videos

The introduction of live videos has already taken the world by storm. Today video content is engaging more people than any other format. You can instantly draw the attention of the users.

Enter 2020, and we are going to see a surge in the growth of live videos. But the question is why live videos are becoming a popular trend with time.

  • First, live Videos are more user-interactive and engaging in comparison to the pictures and text.
  • It allows you to add the element of personalization to your content.
  • You can connect your business with a broad set of the targeted audience.
  • The users are ready to pay for getting the exclusive on-demand live video streaming. You have a perfect opportunity to generate and earn more revenue.

Expansion of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The advent of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality marks that Future is Here.

For instance, Artificial Intelligence is used in the chatbots, which as completely streamlined the interaction with customers.

You can use Artificial Intelligence in Big Data, to gather a considerable amount of vital customer information, such as their likes and dislikes.

Also, Augmented Reality will create a significant impact on the buying decisions of the customers. And we are already experiencing this on the ground.

Take, for example, Amazon, which allows its customers to use AR so that they can try out the virtual clothes and explore more products in real-time.

How AR Benefits Your Social Media Platform –

  • Firstly, it is going to augment the experience of the customers through AR-based virtual stores. It is a unique way to promote the product where the customers no longer will have to visit the physical stores.
  • Secondly, you will be able to attend a live product launch event from the comfort of your home.
  • It will create more brand awareness, and the users will be able to share the information in a high- digital environment.
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Stories to Gain More Ground

Stories have started to gain ground with Instagram becoming the fastest growing social media platform for sharing beautiful stories. However, you will be surprised to note that Instagram did not bring this concept to the core front. Eventually, it was Snapchat that brought forward this idea, but Instagram has surpassed the number of users.

Why are Stories Becoming Popular

  • Users can develop it with ease
  • They have the element of fun and engagement
  • You don’t need much editing before uploading
  • They are only available for than 24 hours
  • They prevent from fake followers

I want to highlight a few proven techniques that will help to engage more users following this trend.

  • Add Stories along with the video content to enhance visibility
  • Add unique stories that are highly relevant to the content
  • Using the Highlight Feature to spotlight on selected stories
  • Experiment with different story structures
  • Add Urchin Tracking Module or UTM URL to keep track of your user’s activities

Summing it Up

It’s only a few days left in 2019 and so gear up for the next year that will bring many more innovations. Also, the number of users joining various social media platforms will upsurge further providing enhanced opportunities to target more customers. So, keep your eyes and ears open as the competition ahead is going to be more challenging.

 Author Bio

Bharat Patel, who heads the Digital Marketing Services team at Brainvire Infotech, is armed with over 12 years of experience in the fields of online marketing and project management. He is extremely proactive in implementing the latest technological innovations in his projects. Bharat’s core expertise lies in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, among other things. His immense flare of writing encourages him to consistently pen down words revolving around current trends and innovations that relate to his fields of interest.

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