How To Know Marketing Or Advertising Which Is Better For Our Business

Marketing suits some businesses while advertising is suitable for other businesses. The trick is to know the difference between the two and use them in such a manner that there is optimum utilization of resources and maximum ROI.

Some differences between Marketing and Advertisement which will help you determine which is better for your business


Advertising is a part of marketing and involves a creative presentation of all what the company has to offer. There is much more creativity in advertising and there is a lot of strategy involved in marketing. A business can survive without advertising but cannot survive without marketing. Marketing is the key to success in any business and the business cannot do without it.

For example, in advertising you have come up with creative visual and print content and also with jingles and catchy one liners. It is a total creative pursuit involving words, images and video promotions. Advertising can be done through print media, TV, internet and magazines and is very effective in making the product attractive for the customer and to pull the customer to the brand and product.


Marketing is broader than advertising. And advertising is a part of marketing. Marketing includes product, price, place and promotion. Additionally people, processes and physical evidence can also be added to this marketing mix.

Today marketing is more relevant than just advertising. Advertising definitely has its place but it is nothing without marketing. This is the reason why so many companies and businesses are going for marketing both online and offline to make their presence felt on the digital space and also in the real world physical space.

Digital marketing can include SEO, SMO, ORM and many other techniques which help to make the business website popular and rank well on search engines. Also digital marketing also gets leads for the business too. Thus now a days, many businesses and companies are focusing on digital marketing and forcing their employee to improve their skills and have Digital Marketing Training Gurgaon to make an impact on the digital platforms and enhance their presence and also get new and more lucrative leads which will help grow the business.


Advertising is much costlier than marketing. Many marketing tactics need more of tact and skill and less of investment but advertisements need a lot of financial investments.

Giving an add on TV or in a newspaper is very expensive and also has a limited reach. While going for digital marketing is simpler, easier and more reasonable. Also now days, the entire world is online and thus digital marketing is giving great results.

You will need to spend much more on advertising as compared to marketing and the results of marketing are much better as it is a holistic domain including advertising. None the less there is a market for advertising and some products and businesses cannot do without it today but still without marketing advertising is nothing and cannot do much to improve the sales of the business.


Marketing is more effective in reaching the target audience. Also with digital marketing training Gurgaon you can understand the analytics which help you understand and observe how successful has been your marketing campaign. This is not true about advertising. It is very challenging and difficult to find out the efficacy of an advertisement in the papers or on TV. Thus the ROI on advertisements are difficult to know while the ROI on marketing is very easy to determine.

Thus to conclude we can say that both marketing and advertising have their place and their own niche marketing but one thing is for sure and that is that a business can survive without advertisements but it cannot survive without marketing.

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