5 Open Source Gym Management Software

With the advancement of technology, the management of complex tasks at your gym has become a lot easier. As a gym owner or operator, gym management software is one of the most important automated tools for you. This automated software allows you to centralize and streamline the tasks at your gym, while also accurately evaluating your gym staff’s performance and offering multi-channel support.

An online platform, it allows you to manage complex functions such as payments, bookings, schedules, etc. Next, it enables you to track the attendance of employees, plan and schedule their diet, and keep them updated via emails and SMS.

Every gym has different priorities and work ethics. While some gyms emphasize optimizing the training sessions others are keen on customer relationship management (CRM) and feedback process.

It does not matter whether you run a single gym or own a chain of fitness studios across different locations, choosing the right gym software is important. Any software you choose for your gym or fitness club must facilitate your business functions. It should be able to create a user-friendly environment for your members and staff.

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5 Open Source Gym Management Software

Essential Features of Gym Management Software

The following are some necessary traits of such software:

  • Online membership management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-user login and role-based access
  • Automated reservations and scheduling
  • Performance tracking and profile management
  • Appointment and class management

Here is a list of 5 best open-source gym management software that delivers the above-mentioned features and take your gym management to an optimal level:


A cloud based software, GymERP can maintain all the operational and functional requirements of your gym at one place. It allows you to manage all administrative

operations such as scheduling classes and sessions, bookings and appointments, membership, and distributing workout material.

GymERP allow your customers to avoid commissioned bookings through its android based mobile application. They can book a personal trainer of their choice, receive packages and price details etc. with the GymERP application. Besides managing membership and bookings, this software facilitates payroll management and customer relation management.

  • You can track the leads and their movement down the marketing pipeline.
  • It allows you to manage appointments and bookings from anytime, anywhere.
  • GymERP mobile application offers commission free booking.
  • It supports multi user login and role based access which restricts the entry of unauthorized members.
  • You can publicize your gym’s offers and services via SMS and emails.


FitnessForce is a gym management system which is completely web-based. This software can be used by any gym or fitness centre regardless of its size and type. It has the capability to efficiently handle important gym functions such as sales, marketing, client relationship management etc.

With its book and track appointment feature, clients can book the trainer as per the availability and time slot. It empowers you to track the number of sessions or classes attended by clients. You can keep your clients up to date regarding membership renewals through its automated reminders.

  • FitnessForce ensures that you never miss any qualified lead.
  • Depending on the availability, clients can schedule their classes.
  • It offers card based and biometric controls.
  • You do not need to maintain your billings and invoices manually. This software facilitates you to manage bills and invoices through online tools.
  • You can easily communicate with multiple members via SMS and emails.

Easy Gym software

Easy Gym software is one of the most easy to use gym applications available in the market. It is completely customizable and has been designed to fulfil the daily needs of your gym or fitness studio. It allows you to perform important functions such as client management, billing and follow ups.

Fitness trainers and gym instructors can create diet and workout plans for their clients. Next, they can share the plan with the respective members, trace the implementation of the plan, and send reminders as and when necessary.

  • It allows you to create combined bills for couples, groups or corporates in a single click.
  • You can provide diet plans and workout details in accordance with the physical features of the client (such as weight, height, and body measurements) through online channels.
  • It simplifies the process of launching marketing campaigns and promotions via SMS and emails.
  • The software ensures automation of the attendance management process with biometric tools for precise tracking of the times that clients check in and out.

Easy Gym software allows you to seamlessly and accurately manage the attendance and payroll of your gym employees.


GymMaster is comprehensive gym software with many advanced features such as online booking, website integration, and mobile application for members and staff. Clients are provided with a GymMaster network based reader through which they can get access to their classes.

It offers a multi user login and role based access i.e. the control lies in the hands of the administrators. If an individual is no longer associated with the gym, then, you can restrict the access from your training modules.

The software allows you to create online bookings and signups.

  • GymMaster ensures that your clients pay on time by completely automating the payment process.
  • You can exercise close control over the members’ movement within the gym premises through its 24/7 gym access control.
  • The software can send automated reminders regarding payments, offers and promotion to the clients via SMS and emails.
  • It facilitates an automated signup process and seamless website integration which helps you win more and more clients.

Fitness Mobility

Fitness mobility is specially designed to meet the business needs of gyms, yoga and dance classes. You can centralize your various business functions such as client membership management, fitness planner and online payment system. Next, you can also manage trainer’s salary and attendance.

Fitness mobility can be used on any device such as mobile, laptop, computer or tablet. It allows you to receive payments online and manage sales leads.

  • The software enables you to keep a seamless record of the attendance of your gym clients.
  • Fitness Mobility enables you to allot gym membership and maintain records for the same.
  • You can customize the user management in order to have a better access control.
  • Easy and complete customization in tune with your most peculiar requirements is possible through the use of this software.
  • In ensures new membership signup with just a single click


People are getting increasingly conscious of their health. This is great news for you as a gym owner-operator, provided you can harness the incoming flow through the most appropriate use of available resources including such software.

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