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7 Easy Fitness Hacks For Busy People

7 Easy Fitness Hacks For Busy People

Hectic schedules have become quite common nowadays. Long hours at work, extended working time, desk jobs and prior commitments leave aside very little time for us to focus on ourselves. We make a conscious effort to spend whatever time we get away from work with our families. Such a packed schedule makes it quite difficult to indulge ourselves in a bit of exercise and workout sessions on a regular basis.

It is also likely that your diet goes for a toss as well and you end up eating fast foods far often than not. Although this is a call for you to take some action, you do not have to worry about it anymore. This article intends to spread awareness as to what busy people can do to maintain their health and fitness with simplicity and ease.

Wake Up Early In The Morning

This is definitely one of the best ways to take some time out for yourself as soon as your day starts. Set the alarm for about half an hour earlier than what you normally do to get ready for work. It shall help you in having some time to reflect upon your day ahead, plan our day and not be in a rush to follow with the morning chores. The productivity and energy levels are quite high in the morning. Use this extra time to do a bit of exercise that you have been postponing all week.

You don’t always have to go to the gym or to a park to get fitter. Start with laying an exercise mat on the floor, put on some music and warm your body up with the light exercises. Once you are past that, perform the exercises that are high in intensity. These are known to reap maximum benefits in the short time spans. Burpees, planks, mountain climbers, jump squats and lunges are some of the most effective ones.

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Focus On What You Eat

While you are on the go or during the times you stay out of your home, eating healthy can feel like a task. There is hardly any time you get to cook, let alone do it for each meal. The best way to tackle this problem is to find a list of easy-to-prepare foods that are highly healthy at the same time. Some of the popular ones include omelets, boiled eggs, whole grain sandwiches, peanut butter toast, broccoli, sweet potato salad, quinoa, porridge, meatballs, whole-wheat pasta, among many more.

These foods take less than even 10 minutes for the complete preparation. You can either choose to carry these with you in the boxes or simply prepare them during your lunch break to lay your hands on a fresh meal. You need to take a balanced diet to keep yourself energetic and strong both mentally and physically. Get your healthy fats and whey protein that helps in muscle growth from quick foods like greek yogurt, nuts, homemade protein bars, and fruits.

Ditch The Cavings

How hard is it to resist a donut or croissant being served at the workplace? It’s quite certain that it gets a little bit difficult to control the taste buds. However, promise yourself not to eat them no matter what. Occasional indulgences are fine, but that should not be more than once or twice a week. It becomes a lot easier once you get past the first few days of resistance. You tend to generate a habit to avoid unhealthy foods with the passage of time.

Foods made up of sugar, refined grains, vegetable oil, and high amounts of salt are the main causes of bloating and spike in the blood sugar levels. An article also goes on to advise that we ditch these and ensure ourselves a healthy living.

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Change How You Commute

Commuting by a vehicle adds to the sedentary lifestyle. Walk on foot if your office or your workplace happens to be nearby. This will help you manage your weight in the long run and keep you active.

Another idea to take a few steps to work is to get off at about 500 meters or more away from your office after traveling on the bus or any vehicle. Walk the rest of the distance at a pace that suits you. Cycling to work is also a healthy trend that has caught on. According to an article, you can consider these to improve your cardiovascular functionality and keep the body fat at normal levels.

Utilize The Weekends

It is fully comprehensible how you can not carve out time to sweat during the weekdays. This gives an opportunity to make do with what you are left with. The 2 days of the weekend can prove to be quite substantial when it comes to your overall fitness.

Go to the park or the gym depending upon your choice. Lift weights, jog, go for sprints, partake in exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and all the other exercises you have been wanting to indulge in all through the week. Women can opt for the trendy short dressy tops, while men can choose from a collection of the gym outfits for their comfort and lightness during exercise.

 Keep Yourself Hydrated

This tip does not require you to do much, however busy you are, but reaps a wide range of benefits. It helps to remove all the toxins from the body and keeps all the organs well-functioning. Drinking water at regular intervals also promotes the health of the skin and provides you with the energy to get past the day efficiently. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and take a few sips as and when you feel thirsty.

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A study found out that our bodies require about 3 liters of water consumption every day. Make sure you do not gulp down sugary drinks since they shall cause more harm than good.

Do not compromise on a good sleep

Spending time on a screen right before you go to sleep can significantly compel you to cut down on your sleep time. Get rid of the gadgets at the night and lie peacefully on the bed when you intend to sleep. Having an uninterrupted sleep for about 7-8 hours a day shall aid you in rejuvenating your cells, bring peace to your mind, lower your stress, and help your muscles recover. It shall also give a boost to your immune system and do wonders for your good mood.

Sleep deprivation does not hold good for the performance at work. It has major repercussions on your ability to work with full concentration. Hence, it is imperative you get an ample rest time each night to recuperate well.

There is a saying that goes by the words ‘Health is Wealth’. This does hold true, which makes it important for you to take care of it. Until and unless you are physically and mentally fit, you shall have a hard time attaining success in life. Thus, it is high time you imbibe these fitness hacks in your daily schedule to lead a healthy and a blissful lifestyle.

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