Top 5 Financial CRM Software For Small Businesses

Ever since growth has become a priority in the business world, we see businesses trying to attract more customers. Since more clients mean better profit and success, companies are finding ways to add new clients. It is evident that more customers in the same environment will hinder your ability to serve your customers the most. Your operationality might decrease and the quality of your services as well. So, keep things up to the mark, you need some technical help.

With the top-notch software available in the industry, companies can not only grow new assets but can also improve the quality of services they were offering to their clients. However, selecting the right CRM software is still the most critical question.

First of all, your choice entirely depends on the choices you have. So, more choices mean better options. Knowing which software will fit best is the trickiest job as neither your requirements stay the same nor you can judge your needs in one go.

One of the options is a customized software. You can have the best-suited software, but that’s not the key for everyone. And then choosing one from the generally available software is what you can do. So, here are five best financial CRM software in India, you can have a look to choose one.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management application set that was developed by the world-famous company Microsoft.

Following are the features of Microsoft dynamics.


It helps in increasing your transactions with the interpretation of customer likelihoods for building great relationships.


It is grateful in managing customer care services and exceeds the expectations of customers.


If you want to increase your sales-ready leads by targeting the right buyer, you can opt for it.

Finance and operations:

Optimize retail and back-office operations.


Helps in hiring the best skills.

Al-driven insights:

Helpful in making acquainted designs.

Mixed Reality:

Greater efficiency with teamwork.

Business Central:

Manages all your services.

Sugar CRM

Named after a manufacturing company, SugarCRM is a Cupertino-based company software for small businesses. It is a customer relationship management system. Which is a very affordable and easy-to-use application. Also, beneficial in close deals and maintaining customers’ smiles. It also helps in expenditure management, business interactions, with prospects, shares sales information, and more.

Companies use CRM to manage their marketing, sales, and support processes.

It improves performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

It is open-source software. But SugarCRM customers are virtually not allowed to modify and change any code. Open-source doesn’t mean free.

The Sugar professional edition has a price near 40$ per user per month, and it requires a minimum of 10 users, which means $4800 per annum.


This one is also a cloud-based CRM solution. Capital markets and investment banks are using Salesforce to make better relationships with institutional investors and corporate clients. It provides a broad pattern of seamless assimilation with third-party software solutions. Also one of the best CRM software used today.

It helps you in maintaining your data in one place. Uses Apex as its primary programming language. It is widely used by big giants companies like eBay and Amazon, along with small business keepers. Provides its users a collection of beneficial development tools to quickly create applications that will run on Salesforce Platform.


It is a robust and cheap Customer Relationship Management solution mainly used by small businesses. It is best in collecting data from different channels and stores it to give quick access to various contacts and investment projects.

Also, can handle all emails and texts because of its unique linking relationship. It is also convenient in managing the interactions, leads, customer transactions, opportunities, proposals, and points.

It has many plans to choose from. When talking about free programs, it allows up to two users for free. It has three paid plans includes a plus, which costs $29 per month, the professional pack, which costs $49 per month and the Enterprise plan costs $99 per month. If you want to build some web applications like salesforce forms, custom documents, etc you can check this App out.


Bpm’online is a worldwide famous company that makes software that helps accelerate the business of any person.

It is also a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software. That is very crucial in connecting the dots between sales, marketing, and customer service efficiency management.

Best suited for mid-size and small businesses. Also provides many back-office business tools to help wealth management and private investments. You can choose a monthly subscription package to know its capabilities and features better. It has a process-driven CRM with quick implementations. So, you can consider Bpm’ online as one of the best financial CRM software for small businesses. 

These were some of the most widely used financial CRM software. You need to understand their features well before proceeding in to buy. Though many of them are free to use, the premium versions are paid. So, you must first try the free versions to have a look at what you can expect.

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