5 High Profit Investment Opportunities To Grow Your Fortune

He Who Earns And Does Not Invest Will Have To Work For The Rest Of His Life.”

Debasish Mridha

Debasish’s words ring true. A lot of us have made strategic investments and we are always on the lookout for new business opportunities that would prove to be high-profit business investment opportunities.

There are various types of investment we can look into. We’ll discuss 5 such investment opportunities that will assist you in your endeavor of growing your fortune.

Franchise Investments

Food franchise, Drinks franchise, Pet franchise, Beauty franchises and health franchises are just a few of the franchise opportunities you can invest in. A little research done right will help you find a great many franchises for sale opportunities.

So, why franchise investments? And how to find the right franchise for you?

First of all, higher returns, compared to your investment in stocks a franchise will get you a much higher return.

It has been observed that very few successful businesses started out that way, many needed time of at least 2 years to reach their maximum potential.

As an entrepreneur, you should expect the returns to become profitable in their 3rd year of owning the franchise. Patience is a very important factor with investments as many of the profitable investments require for you to be patient and wait for the right time to reap the benefits.

You should expect the return of at least 15 percent of the amount you invested per year.

Even though a franchise doesn’t require a lot of efforts, you are still putting your money and time into it. So, if you when you invest your time in a franchise make sure that you are getting your times worth.

Mutual Funds

Each of these investment opportunities is suitable for people who are just dipping their feet in the investment pool. People who have been investing for a long time are pro at mutual funds.

Mutual funds ask you to contribute or invest money, which is then invested by the investors on your behalf. They don’t do it out of the goodness of their heart they will charge you a small fee for doing all the hard work. There are various mutual funds schemes for you to choose from.

Other than being a high-profit fund, another reason why the mutual fund has been included in this list is that it’s easy. You can either directly apply for a mutual fund scheme or hire an advisor who can help you handle it.

It has lower risk, investment can go down a hole if the scheme you chose fails. Losing hard earned money is the biggest fear of all investors. With mutual funds, you don’t have to put all your money in just a single scheme you can split it up with various schemes that have a good track record.

Equity Funds

It is a type of mutual fund. When you are doing your research you’ll come across various mutual funds, some of them are fixed-income funds, specialty funds, balanced funds and few others.

The risk with equity mutual funds is higher as compared to some of the other mutual fund schemes. Similar to the risks the return is higher as well. So, many investors choose to go with equity mutual funds when given an option. The high cost is an aspect of equity funds that you should be aware of, they don’t come cheap.

Another important aspect of equity funds that most of them let you withdraw money whenever necessary. They also have a systematic investment plan that lets the investor, contribute money in systematic installments at regular intervals. Then there are others which are also high-profit investments but they lock you in for a period of at least 3 years or more based on the equity fund you choose to invest in.

Hedge Funds

These are for accredited individuals, known to all as the HNI clients. The investment is high and hedge are a sophisticated version of mutual funds. Like a franchise, this one is another high-profit on high investment opportunity.

Due to its unregulated status hedge funds can cover a much wider range of investments and get you better returns. This unregulated status makes it harder for regular candidates to invest in it. As we have already discussed only rich people who are basically known as HNI clients are eligible to invest in them.

The plus point of hedge funds unregulated status is that the manager handling and dealing with the funds is not limited, he/she can invest in the manner the person chooses.

Real Estate

This is an investment a lot of people try their hand at. With enough money, you can invest in good real estate and rent it out. This not only promises high-profit but gives you a constant and quick cash flow. When you invest in real estate you can forego dealing with a room full of people at every meeting.

Some of us are not a people person and like to be silent investors who can only handle people in small doses, real estate is one of the investment opportunities for such people.

With constant cash flow, it provides you with financial security which most of the opportunities on this list lack. If you are a person who doesn’t care much about risks or aren’t sure that you can handle a loss, real estate is a safe investment opportunity.


You either have the skill to manage money or don’t. For those of us who don’t financial or investment advisors becomes a necessity. You might be earning more than someone else today, but with a good enough investment that someone else will be living a good life when you will wonder where all of your money went.

These opportunities are out there, each one varies where fees are considered, sometimes you might be revived by the challenge the risks of investments pose while there might be times when you would like to play it safe. We have considered that and helped you with the basics of each of these investment opportunities, it’s up to you to find the right fit.

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