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This is an era of technology and we come into the year 2020. The faster-growing technology is Cloud and more and more businesses are adopting it. Most of the organizations have already been set up their business on Cloud and uses business email clients for work. As the demand for cloud technology is rapidly increasing, so does the competition.

More and more cloud platform providing companies comes in the market. To attract more customers towards their platforms, companies started providing unique services. Currently, the t two most demanding cloud platforms is G Suite and Office 365. As the competition continues, there will be a demand for migration from one platform to another. So, to help the organization in the migration process we provide top 5 cloud migration tools for them.

When it comes to choosing the cloud migration method, there are generally two options, either choose the Data migration service provided by the cloud platform companies itself or go for professional cloud migration tools. But the problem is, the manual method is only available for migration between the same cloud platform, not across the platform. It’s because no wants to lose its customers, so does these cloud platforms providing companies. So it’s become necessary to use a professional tool for such type of migration. Below is the list of top 5 cloud migration tools we have picked which are best suited for any type of migration.

Top 5 Cloud Migration Tool to Transfer Data Between Cloud

SysTools Cloud Migration Software

SysTools is one of the most renowned software solution provider. They provide all types of solution and one of them is Cloud to Cloud Migration tool. They have provides the best all-in-one cloud migration tool, which can migration emails, contacts, calendars, a document of all users simultaneously. The tool has a user-friendly interface that helps users to perform complex migration tasks without any hassle. To help in the ease of the migration process, the software provides multiple features for ease of migrations


1. Provide migration between multiple platforms such as G Suite, Office 365, Exchange Server.
2. Incremental migration to skip already migrated data between accounts
3. Category & Date Filter for selective data migrations
4. Multiple options choose the source and destination user id mappings
5. Automatically creates the source and destination user list
6. Require only Admin Credentials for migration
7. Doesn’t requires any user credentials during migration
8. Provide complete details of migration by generating migration report.


1. The software is available for Windows user only. No support for Mac users.
2. Require to provide Admin credential on an Online non-secure site.
3. During migration, you need user credential of both source and destinations


Cloudm is a leading brand in cloud management & migration company. They provide support for the migration between G Suite and Office 365 platforms only. Using this software you can also migrate emails, contacts, calendars and files between cloud platforms. Cloudm provides the migration service over the web only


1. Migrate Attachments associated with emails and maintains integrity.
2. Provides Categories option for selective data migration.
3. Migrates labels and sub-labels associated with the emails
4. Priority options associated with the G Suite by adding stars
5. Date Range filters to migrate specific date range data.
6. Maintains the signatures and HTML associated with emails


1. No incremental migration feature
2. No support for the desktop tool, everything is over the web
3. Doesn’t provide demo session, need to register your domain to start the process.
4. Doesn’t provide single utility for all type of migration


Cloudiway is another emerging cloud migration company. They also provide multiple cloud platform migration services over the web. To use the services, the user needs to provide details of their domain before proceeding. Being a web service, the user needs to request for different migration tools depending upon the type of migration.


1. Migrates shared calendars and document
2. Complete account migration including vaults, permissions, labels, tasks and attachments
3. Maintains integrity and folder structure after migration
4. Migrates Groups and Site data between G Suite and Office 365


1. Incremental migration features not available
2. Doesn’t provides a filter for selective data migration
3. Requires too much permission for the migration

Transcends Migration

Transcends is an old data migration company, which now also provides cloud migration tools for its users. They provide migration between G Suite and Office 365 platform combinations and a few others. Currently, they provide limited features during the migration, such as emails, contacts, and calendars. If you wish to migrate drive data then need to choose different service of them.


1. Quick and easy to access tool
2. Incremental migration feature to skip already migrated data.
3. Categories and Date filter for selective data migration.
4. Maintains integrity and folder structure during migrations


1. The software doesn’t support Mac OS
2. Limited features during the migration
3. Single option to map users for platforms
4. Non-user-friendly interface

Alooma Cloud Migration Tool

Alooma provides a cost-effective, scalable & secure tool for cloud migration. It’s an Admin tool that requires high technical knowledge for it’s working. This migration tool, apart from cloud platform migration, also provides cloud database migration also. They provide different types of software for different types of migration.


1. Provides secure migration process
2. Migrates all accounts between clouds
3. Easy to set up and workup upon the tool


1. Not compatible with Mac OS
2. No categories filter or date filters


Above we have provided the top 5 cloud migration tools which can be used for fast and secure migration. All the software have their own advantage and disadvantages. We have listed the comparison in-depth to help you to easily choose the best cloud migration tool according to your requirements. The manual method will only help in the migration between the same cloud platform, but if you are migrating to different cloud platform then you need cloud migration tool to make it work.

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