How To Use Conference Call Software To Your Advantage

Using conference call software helps you connect with your staff, board of directors, or distance workers in one place. Conference calls are a large part of handling business overseas, and you need a conference program that helps you hold regular meetings. You could even use conference call software to teach courses through an online college. Read more to learn what these programs can do for you.

The Call Should Be Toll-Free

A toll free conference call allows everyone to call in without worrying about long-distance charges. If you are placing a call to the conference call, the toll-free number is your code to enter the software program. Plus, a toll-free number is not inhibitive at all. You will not make your students or staff wonder how they can afford to make the call.

The Call Should Allow You To Add New People Instantly

During a conference call, it should be easy to call another person and add them to the call. If people are calling the conference number, they will be buzzed in by the program. Conference call programs can be managed from your phone or a computer. Plus, you can see who is on the call, send alerts to people who need to call in, or call those people right away.

 Hold Music And Spoken Options

The conference call technology can be used for your office if have several phones or conference rooms. The software allows people to join the call at the number they have been given. If the caller is put on hold, they will hear conference call hold music that is pleasing to the ear. You do not want to bore the people who call, and you should no use common hold music that everyone has heard before.

How Do These Calls Help You Manage Your Business?

You can talk to all your staff members about what they are doing in a singular conference call. You could talk to all the mangers at each office, or you may talk to the board of directors in lieu of flying them in for a meeting. You can gather a large group of people in a conference room to have a call with an overseas client, or you may collect your sales team in a conference room to talk to the CEO of the company.

How Do These Conference Call Systems Help Your School?

Conference call systems allow you to meet with your class. You can teach a distance course with many students who are located around the country. The conference call allows all your students to call in when the time is right, and you can host the lecture from any location. You may have the phone on your desk in your office. You may host the lecture while you are traveling, or you may be sitting at home during the lecture.

The conference call system allows students to call in instantly, and they do not need to worry about missing the call. Plus, a log of all callers is created. You can take attendance based on the phone numbers that appeared in the call log.

Conference Calls Expedite Your Work

You can expedite all the work that you do if you are using conference calls to meet with your staff. You do not have time to send emails back and forth when you can place one call to talk to everyone. Plus, you should make sure that you have scheduled your conference calls if you need to have them every week. There are times when the system will place the calls for you, welcome everyone to the call, and put them on hold until you are ready.


The conference calls that you place every day make your business or school a more efficient environment. These are easy calls to manage when you use specialized software. You may want to place a conference call to your students when you are teaching a class. You may gather the group in a room because you need to talk to an executive, and anyone who is put on hold hears soothing music. This is the best system to use when you do not have time to travel or write more emails.

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