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Looking for a conferencing solutions room is a pretty simple thing to find when you’re searching for them, this is usually because we would have set in our minds what is needed for a conferencing room, it’s the same and typical rooms that you would see in those big Hollywood movies where the serious scenes occur that drags everyone in,
or whenever you see political figures speaking publicly through these systems.

You can find various versions online of these types of conferencing solutions of gooseneck microphones and newer versions of solutions being ceiling or table array microphones. When looking in details at the differences between both conferencing system and solutions and which would be the right option to go forward with, really depends on what kind of application you are looking for as there are different things to look out for depending on the applications from it being a small room, large room, sitting down the conference, or a variation of standing and sitting.

In this case, we are looking more into the larger conference rooms and what would benefit the layout of the room and use up space wisely, concentrating on the microphones that would be needed and how you as the client would specifically benefit directly from this solution once used.

Which Brand Would Be The Best Option?

Before beginning towards the individual microphones part and technical specifications they have, it would be best to clarify which brand would be the best and most commonly used out there, this way it would help direct you to what is known to be the best options to go with. There are only a few companies out there that are known for their quality of microphones which clients can rely on them directly for their excellent brand reputations.

One of the most noteworthy brands would be Shure Incorporated, being one of the longest-lasting companies within the industry and have grown massively since their early days over 90 years ago, providing from consumer to the professional level audio products.

Going in-depth on the Shure products and the best options to go forward with, starting off with looking at the Microflex gooseneck mics then moving on to the array mics. Learn more about Av Rentals in Canada.

Gooseneck Microphone

MX405, MX410 & MX415 Looking at the Microflex Modular Gooseneck mics have a sleek style with superb performance and maximum flexibility, the perfect addition for conference rooms and any other similar needed applications. Offered along with a wired or wireless option to choose from, as well as the desktop or even a mounted base option, and the interchangeable cartridges always giving you alternatives to choose from that keeps all the options open to find that perfect solution for conferencing installations.

The MX405, MX410 and MX415 microphones each have different lengthed gooseneck microphones;

MX405: 5 inches or 12.7cm

MX410: 10 inches or 25.4cm

MX415: 15 inches or 38.1cm

Each is compatible with the SLX wireless systems, whilst using the MX890 wireless desktop base, same with the ULX-D and the QLX-D systems when used along with the ULXD8 which is a gooseneck base transmitter.

MXA412 & MXA418 The Microflex Standard Gooseneck mics are flexible in all ways and perfect for making those wanted adjustments. Making everything much easier and allows the option of a replacement, whilst having availability in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns. Offering a wide frequency response through the fact that the cartridges are interchangeable

Same as the other modular gooseneck series these standard goosenecks come in two different lengths sizes;

MXA412: 12 inches or 30.8cm

MXA418: 18 inches or 45.7cm

Can be used in other applications apart from the conference rooms such as a religious area, courtrooms and many more. They also have different types of mountings to choose from as well as the S/C, S/S and S/N being the models that would include a switch that would be used for silent (mute) that indicated with an LED.

Ceiling Array Microphone

MXA910 Moving on for the gooseneck microphones, the ceiling array mic is on a different calibre in comparison it is the best way to capture audio in a variety of AV conferencing environments, from boardrooms, huddle rooms, conference rooms and the multi-purpose areas. Capturing everyone’s voice from overhead through the use of the Shure DSP with eight beams doing the job.

The Designer System Configuration Software is the source for all the configurations that are needed to be done, access directly onto it and begin configuring the MXA910 ceiling array. Setting up the correct configuration to the specific areas that people will be seated at or standing and moving around, this is all done through arranging lobes into a room diagram that would ensure that an accurate coverage would be provided.

Once done the settings can be saved and transferred to any other MXA910 that is being used on-site, this way it will save time that would be needed to complete the setups.

Table Array Microphone

MXA310 Similar to the ceiling array, the table array captures all the necessary audio and provides its flexible features in various A/V conferencing environments being boardrooms, huddle rooms and such spaces that need that extra boost to hear what is needed to be said.

With a programmed touch-to-mute switch making the user a much simpler process to go through, with a light that would help confirm whether coverage areas and auto-mixing settings at active. Doing all configurations through a browser control software, where you make the needed adjustments on polar patterns, templates and any presets for those times that a quick set up is needed.

After reading the different conferencing solutions, it should give you a clearer image on each system and which would be the best option for your given areas. Each having their own advantages that they can accommodate to and help enhance the areas that they are set up in. It is best to test out each solution and see their benefits yourself as the first-hand experience is the best way to make decisions. Get Audio Conferencing System from UAE in cheap.

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