How to Save Your Wet Mobile Phone – Get Rid of the Moisture

Dropping your phone has got to be one of the worst things that could happen to it. Nevertheless, accidents happen and we never predict them. Whether you have an iPhone or a Qmobile, dropping it in water would surely damage it. However, we can always do things that can reduce or revert the damage done to our smartphone.

In fact, it should be noted that dropping your phone in water isn’t something that can’t happen to anyone. It can happen to you anytime and any day. Hence, we thought why not provide you with some easy hacks and tips that could save your phone and help it to start working again. We have so much valuable data stored on our phone that it certainly can give anyone a little panic attack at the thought of losing it.

Don’t Panic

There is a reason why we have started our list by giving you this guideline because the first thing that we do when our phone slips out of hands, is that we panic.

When a person starts to panic, they tend to not think right. When people are panicked, they start taking very weird decisions and couldn’t get it right that makes them even more stressed out. Hence, this is the first thing that you shouldn’t do at all.

Remove the battery of the phone

It is true that when we drop our phone and pick it again, the first thought that runs our mind is to open it. There is a very high temptation to turn on the phone so that we know it is working all fine. However, you should definitely not try to open your phone at all. The first thing that you should be doing is to remove the battery from your phone.

You should also take out the SIM and the memory card from your smartphone and keep it separately. The SIM contains all the important contacts that you don’t want to lose.

Start drying it

You have removed the battery, SIM card, and memory card, now you have to start on drying your phone. If your phone stays wet for a very long time then there is definitely going to be a lot of damage than you have estimated. Moreover, the phone can also start to corrode if it remains wet for a very long time.

Many people opt for a hairdryer when they want to dry their phone or laptop, which is very wrong. If you are using a hairdryer to dry out the phone, it could store the moisture deeper into the phone or even could fry out the inner components of the phone. Hence, go for an air-compressed can that will blow away the moisture from the phone.

Look for a desiccant

After you have blown away all the water droplets off your phone using the air compressed can, you have to remove the moisture from the insides of the phone, as well. Now you can’t strip your phone into parts and dry it out. But you can always use a desiccant to get rid of the moisture from your phone.

In this case, rice does the magic. Get a bowl of uncooked rice and submerged your phone in it. Be careful, that you are submerging your phone all along in it so that each drop of moisture is sucked out from the phone. It should be noted that with the smartphone, you also have to put the battery of your smartphone into the rice, separately. You can leave it overnight or for two days so that there is no moisture left.

Avoid Heat

People usually opt for things like hairdryers, microwaves or heaters to get rid of the moisture from the phone, which is very harmful. All such kind of heats should be avoided because it could burn your phone and it can never work again.

Hence you should not be looking for a hairdryer or any other heating product that can enhance the damage in your phone even more.

Contact a professional

Whether you have an iPhone or a Qmobile, dropping it in water would surely damage it. However, we can always do things that can reduce or revert the damage done to our smartphones.

Last, but not least, after you have done everything that you could do to power your phone again but there has been no luck. You should consult a professional. Many times there are very little things that we couldn’t figure it out, but the people who are technicians or know those phones much better than us can make it work.

If you keep on trying to make your phone work, on your own, then it could damage the phone even more. So, the best thing that you could do is to get consulted from a professional who will charge you, but would do a better job at making your phone work.

These are some of the best tips that you can try if you have dropped your phone into a puddle of water or in your toilet.

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