5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Have a Cell Phone

In every family, there are two opinions on the issue of giving a cell phone to the kids of 9 to 13 years old. Either they permit to take a cell phone to their kid or not. There are always some disadvantages and advantages of allowing the kids to get a cell phone. However, some parents do not want to permit their kids to own phone because of their considerations about the harmful effects of mobile phones on kids. At some point, parents have to deal with the child’s request for a smartphone.

The disadvantages of mobile phones for kids cannot be ignored, but parents can avoid those disadvantages by having some proper checks and balances on their kids. Science and technology have been growing at a fast pace, and kids should also have some know-how regarding digital technology to move with the advancements in technology. There are many positive aspects of allowing the kids to get a phone and parents must consider those advantages for their kids and themselves as well. The most advantageous reasons that your child should have a cell phone are explained below.

cell phone and kids

Stay in Touch

One of the most useful reasons behind getting your kids a phone is that you can stay in touch with them anytime. When your kids are out, and you have an emergency, then you can contact them quickly. The security and safety of children are most important for the parents, and these are the critical reasons for the parents to give a cell phone to their child. A cell phone is also useful to track the real-time location of your kid. Therefore, with the help of cell phone, you can figure out where your kid is through GPS tracker on the mobile phone.

The mobile phone is also helpful to give a message to your kids regarding any emergency like you will pick them late from school. It will provide peace of mind to your kids and yourself too. There are many security apps on cell phones that give the whereabouts of your children on a local map.

Social Interaction

Many children have problems making friends because of having problems in social interaction. Having a cell phone helps them in boosting social interaction with others through social networks. Social media is beneficial for kids to increase their social interaction with others. Social media like Facebook & Twitter allows your kids to reach other kids who share their interests in social media. All kids on social media may not live in your neighbourhood, but it helps them to know how to make friendships with other kids.

Educational Guide

Most of the time, kids find the problem in getting a solution regarding their homework. In that way, they can find sources of quick educational assistance and guidance. Particularly, when parents busy in some work, or they can’t find the solution.

In the same token, mobile phones are helpful for kids to find help on the Internet. Even they can contact their teachers for their help in solving any algebraic problem or any question. Some many online lessons and tutorials can be found easily. However, as a parent, if you are still hesitating to give a cell phone to your kids under 13, then you don’t need to worry more. As here you can see recommended phones for kids that are specially designed with all prevention measures. 

In other words, you do not want to give a fully featured phone to your kids because customized ones will also be a good option. Also, many phones are helpful and advantageous for your kids with Applications to helping students in their studies.

Technological Awareness

The technology and science have been moving towards advancements and improvements. Our future revolves around technology, and we can’t restrict our children more regarding the use of cell phones. Therefore, giving your kids access to the mobile phone might help them learn new skills, and they will get some know-how about the latest technology. The parents might not understand the applications and social media platforms, but their kids may explore and learn the newest technology by getting a chance.

In the same way, everyone is moving towards the future with quick advancements and your kids might move quicker than you in life by getting knowledge about the latest technology and platforms on the Internet. They will be able to use technology in positive ways, i.e. they will be able to get virtual lessons to explore new things.

Make them Responsible

When kids get some expensive things like a smartphone, it gives them a chance to learn responsibility in their lives. An expensive phone becomes the property of them, and they will have to take care of it. They will try to keep their phone in a safe place and try not to lose their phone. This will create an ability of responsibility among the children.

Phones are also helpful to teach children about essential things in life like budgeting and money. In this way, children will get a chance to learn many new things in their lives that would be helpful in their future.

Tips to Avoid Harmful Effects of Cell Phone for Kids

There are many harmful effects of cell phones on kids and parents should avoid those effects on their children. Some useful tips are described below to prevent negative aspects of mobile phones on the lives of children.

Monitor Phone Activity

The children tend to pull away from their parents when they are entering their teenage years. Parents need to keep track of their activities so parents can invest in monitoring services to know the location of the child. If something inappropriate happens, then you can find the real place of your child and get him/her home. In this case, the mobile phone will help you to protect your child from any miss-happening.

Schedule for Mobile Use

To avoid too much interference of mobile in a child’s life, you can schedule a time for your kids to use a mobile phone. It will be helpful for your kids to focus on their studies and other co-curricular activities instead of using a mobile phone all the time. The kids will play and study at the time when they are not allowed to use a mobile phone. It will be helpful to avoid all the adverse effects of the mobile phone on the kids.

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