Bezel-Less Display – The Revolutionary Technology that Improved Experience of Using Smartphones

You must remember the times when the mobile phones used to feature a bezel display providing a limited amount of screen to the users. Those devices used to satisfy all the consumers through their limited amount of screen visibility and there was no understanding of bezel less display smartphones among the millennials.

As the advancements in technology took place the concept of bezel-less display came into existence and it completely changed the experience of using a smartphone. The bezel-less display is a unique innovation from the brands across the world that improved the experience of using a smartphone in every manner. But, is the bezel-less display an important part of modern smartphones? And, how did the concept of bezel-less smartphones came into existence?

bezel less display

Is Bezel less display worth investing money?

Bezels are the borders between a screen and a phone’s frame that works like a frame for the users while they watch videos or work on their device. They provided good looks to the device working as an outline for the device but they had one flaw. To provide a wider display to the users, brands had to increase the screen of devices which eventually made it hard for the users to carry the device or keep it in their pocket.

Bezel less phones not only increased visibility in a device but they also helped the brands in providing a wider area of the display to the consumers without increasing the size of the device or making it heavier. With bezel-less display, it was easier for the brands to offer a greater area of visibility even in their smaller devices. For instance, image an iPhone 5s – this device provided by Apple has a bezel display that covered the screen of the device. Now, imagine the same smartphone without the bezel.

The area of visibility gets improved but the size of the device remains the same. Moreover, the device offers more brightness to the users since no obstruction might capture the light emitted from the screen. The bezel-less display also increases the screen-to-body ratio that kept on increasing the bezel in the smartphones got smaller.

Which was the first device to use Bezel less display?

Many of you might not be aware but Vivo was the first brand in the entire world that introduced bezel-less display to the millennials. Vivo Nex was an incredible smartphone that boasted of a bezel-less display giving the consumers an astonishing screen-to-body ratio of 91.2%. The device sported an 8MP front-facing camera in a rectangle compartment of the top of the unit. It also featured Vivo’s Screen SoundCasting hardware that transmitted audio through the screen itself without the need of an earpiece speaker.

The device gained a lot of attraction from the consumers being the first device to provide a wide area of space on the screen. Today, almost every brand offers a bezel less display which maintains the competition and also helps the consumers with several options.

Distinctive Smartphones with Bezel-less Displays

Samsung Galaxy 10 Series

samsung galaxy s10

With Snapdragon 855 processor and in-display fingerprint sensor, this smartphone is already a hot topic among the millennials. Sporting a bezel-less display, this device gives you all the display area that you require.

OnePlus 7 Pro

one plus 7 pro

With a bezel-less display of 6.7-inches and higher screen-to-body than its predecessors, this device gives you a memorable experience during binging or playing games.

Huawei P30 Pro

huawie p30 pro

Even with a notch, Huawei’s P30 Pro has a high screen-to-body ratio due to the curved edges and no bezel. It has all the looks to catch the attention of the consumers in one instance.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

redmi mi 9t pro

Even though this device is smaller in size, the bezel-less display does not let the screen look smaller and provide a memorable experience to the users.

All the listed devices carry unique features and belong in the top segment devices of their respected company. The bezel-less display is effective and they beautify the looks of a smartphone but are they the need for modern smartphones.

As the Bezel less phones display has been into existence for quite a long time now, consumers across the world have become used to wider displays on their devices. Moreover, they also keep the device sleek and light making it easy for the consumers to carry their devices wherever they like.

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