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Crawling Indexing And GoogleBot In Search Engine Optimization

How exactly does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimization is a method of making your site compatible with the search engine. Let us take an example from normal life. Suppose you are going to build your house. You need concrete, bricks, labour, steel rods, pillars, electrical fittings, tiles, and much more things to build your house. If you have built your house with bricks and cement but don’t pay attention to finish and design what it looks like.

You should decorate your house, finish it with high-quality paint and whitewash, install a good quality future, and then it will become complete. The furnishing of the house gives it a Midas touch. Even if you are going to sell your house, the decoration and beauty of your house will impact the buyers.

Now about the above example, constructing a house is similar to design a website using coding, content, HTML, CSS, and all that. But designing and developing doesn’t mean your work has finished. The furnishing or decoration is similar to the promotion or doing SEO of the website so that it looks good and acceptable to the search engine.

In short, SEO is all about making your website popular in the search engine through different techniques, These techniques include content marketing, ON page SEO, internal linking, site map generation, H tag implementation, creating High DA/PA backlinks, social media optimization and more. Hire an eminent SEO company Dubai to make your site top in the search engine and grow your business consequently.

What is web crawling software?

A search engine uses a web crawler to browse millions of websites in a methodical, automatic process. It is a software tool that analyzes the website and inspects every element of the website. It is also known as a web robot or spider. Several search engines use their crawler to collect updated data of the site available on the web.

Web crawlers significantly utilize a copy of all visited WebPages for further proceeding by a search engine after that search will index the stored or download pages to deliver instant searches. Crawlers also perform automatic action on the website, such as inspecting links or authenticated HTML code, hyperlink, etc.

How does indexing work?

Search engine proceeds and saves data they search in an index. An index is a massive database of all the webpage they have searched and think are appropriate to serve the searchers.

According to TeraByte an SEO Company Dubai,” In simple words, indexing is a method of accumulating web pages into the search engine database.” Now Indexing works depend upon which tag you have utilized whether Meta tags or heading tags.

(it could index or NOINDEX). The search engine crawls the website and process then for indexing. If the page has given the command of NOINDEX NOFOLLOW or simply NOINDEX, then it means that the page won’t get indexed or stored in the search engine index.

What software is used to crawl/index the site?

Three major search engines are popular in the world.


Google is an unchallenged leader in the search engine industry platform. Google uses web crawler or spider that is known as Google Bot.


 The second most search engine used by people. Bing uses a web crawler or spider for crawling that is called Bing Bot.


 It is also one of the major search engines. Yahoo has a search engine crawler, and its name is Yahoo Slurp.

There are also many search engines in the world, but these three are the most used search engine.

 How can I get Google to crawl my website?

There are many ways to get your website to crawl by Google and other search engines. They are as follows

  • Firstly you can give a search engine crawling request to submit Google search console. For that, you need to go to the Google webmaster account and then go to the dashboard and search for the URL that you want to crawl or index. After that, you will get the option of submitting a URL for the index, and you are done.

  • Always use internal linking, if you want your website to crawl by Google quickly. Search engines crawl websites one page to another via HTML or anchor text

  • Create top-quality backlinks and make sure these backlinks are long-lasting.

  • Block unnecessary web pages of the website. You can use No follow no index command and robots txt file for restricting a web page to index.

  • Share links of your website on the social media platform and increase likes and followers.

  • Ping your website from time to time as it will make search engine to notice your website.


We (TeraByte) are the leading SEO company Dubai in UAE. For an organic promotion of a website above said things are very important. Website Crawling and indexing is done by the search engine bot of a particular search engine. Google Bot is used for Google and Bing Bot is used for bing. However, their internal searching algorithm may vary slightly but these all have above said similarities.

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