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If you are a homeowner, it is quite natural to spend money one or more repairs. And many of these projects will leave you confused. You will take time to decide if it is possible to complete the job by the DIY method or make use of a qualified handyman professional. Yes, if you prefer the DIY tasks, you can save a ton of money. These projects can make you save cash on car/bike repairs, landscape, home renovation, home maintenance and more. In this article, let us focus on the 21 tools your home needs.

Easy Requirements

One easy way is to acquire a toolbox which has every DIY tools stacked in it. Yet, before buying the toolbox, it is necessary to have a plan. Then you can list out the items. There are some tools which you need regularly. For handling an emergency, you need only the basic tools mentioned in this article. They should be sufficient to get you through many repairs. Or they can enable a temporary solution while you seek for professional services.

Let us now focus on the main task. The 21 DIY Tools your home needs.

Basic DIY Tool Box

Please ensure the lid as well the latch should be made secure. Also, keep them organized. You do not want to have a DIY item that is broken, twisted or scratched. Do you?

When it comes to a toolbox, then there are separate compartments to lay the tools. There are trays for small items and large items. Yet, ensure that the box does not contain too many compartments as you will have limitations.


You may have nails, but can you complete the project without a hammer. Buy the hammer which has claws. Then you can make use of the blunt end to put the nails. You can use the other end for pulling the nails from the wood or any part of the house. Ensure you buy a hammer with a steel body. Do not buy the hammer with the iron claw and blunt end with a wooden body. The handle will become loose.


Is the artwork you hung on the wall become loose? Then you need to bang the nail that has become loose. Do you want to separate wooden cardboard? You can either break the cardboard into parts, but first, you have to pull out the nails. This job can be done easily with a claw hammer.


Do you want to join two wooden planks? Then it is possible to do so with nails or screws. You can use them to connect doors to walls or even the doorknobs. Maybe, you now understand the necessity of screwdrivers. This is one item in the toolbox which is mandatory. Let us look to the types.

  • Slotted
  • Cross Head
  • Torx
  • Hex
  • Robertson
  • Clutch Head
  • Frearson
  • Hex Socket
  • JIS
  • Pozidriv
  • Spanner
  • Tri-angle
  • Tri-point
  • Tri-wing

All these types are based on the screw or bolt type. But there are also varieties where you can make use of the hand or electricity. Now let us look into some of them.


  • Battery-operated
  • Corded
  • Cordless
  • Magnetic
  • Ratcheting
  • Right Angle
  • Eyeglass

If you want to save money, you can purchase the multibit model. So, it has one handle but you can attach numerous bits. You may buy the one type of screwdriver with all the bits, or several types, but be sure to purchase the model with a firm grip.

Adjustable Wrench

There are also items or places in the home that are connected using bolts. Oh, did we forget even the bolts? So, how about a wrench for loosening/tightening these nuts? The reason, the size can get altered when it comes to nuts of various sizes.

With this tool, you can save money on many projects. Do you face repairs regarding leaky pipes? Then you can use a wrench to solve the problem. You can also use the tool for constructing items, right from decks to other woodwork.

Utility Knife

When it comes to home maintenance, there will be cutting tasks. You may need to cut wallpaper, plasters and more. And you cannot carry a kitchen knife, because you may get injured. A utility knife is not only sharp, but you can store the tip inside the plastic or wooden handle. When needed, you can extend the tip as required.

This type of knife can be used to cut even carpets or vinyl floors. There are some tasks which you can do without calling professionals.

Putty Knife

Does the name surprise you? Maybe, you know the tool by the other name, scraper. You can use it to remove peeling paint or even the wallpaper. Please buy the model of stainless steel because it won’t rust.


The best description is of a cutting blade joined to a wooden or steel handle. This tool can get used to cut wood in quick time. Are you interested in building a treehouse or other simple woodwork? Then you can use this tool. You may have seen three types of saws.

  • Western Saw
  • Japanese Pull Saw
  • Pruning Saws


As a homeowner, you may have to do several DIY jobs. There are times when you may have to grasp on a loose end. In this situation, the grasp may not be as strong as needed. In this situation, the pliers are used for the same reason. There are two ends to this tool. In one end, you find the metal teeth to hold on to an object. With the long handles, you can twist, bend or pull the nails, wires or power plugs. Do you want to hammer a nail without getting the other hand injured? Use the pliers.

Tape Measure

If you need success in the DIY project, then the measurement should be accurate. To the dot. So, which is the best item? A Good tape. You can measure a pipe’s size, painting on the wall or the place where you have to put a smart appliance.

But you cannot waste time pulling the tape back to the measure. So, it is better to purchase a model that retracts when you press the button. Check the tang (we mean, metal ending at the last). It should be large enough for you to have a grip. Buy the model with bright colours.

Then it will be easier to identify among the many DIY tools.

Are you doing the kitchen renovation? Then please note that you may need to change the places of the appliances. The measuring tape will help you in these situations.


The normal light does not hold good for DIY tasks. So, it is better to have a flashlight for DIY projects. We can see a wry smile on your lips, and we understand the reason, Bro. You cannot use the flashlight on your mobile for every DIY project. If you have a partner, he/she can hold the flashlight.

But the flashlight which doubles as a headlamp. It will be the right model to suit the occasions.


You have read about the hammer. But tell us, is there any use of this tool without the nails? It is advisable as a homeowner to have different types of nails and screws on hand. The reason, in an emergency, you do not have to hurry to the store.

The nails have different sizes. You can find them right from small nails to five-inch spikes. The screws not only have sizes but also types. You can use them to join wooden items or for attachment. The components of the screws can be different. Let us look at some among them.

  • Finishing nails
  • Vinyl Sinkers
  • Galvanized nails
  • When it comes to screwing types, there are
  • Outdoor screws
  • Drywall screws

If needed, you can handle the repairs instead of settling for the services of a professional. You can save some cash.

K. Tape

You can use duct tape for various purposes. Please note the types that you need to have in your kit.

Duct Tape

It is a sticky tape, no doubt. But you can easily tear it. And the benefits are immense. It can be used to hold a torn tarp or to join a broken bucket. But if there is heat, the sticky gel will evaporate.

Painter’s Tape

This tape is covered on the edge of walls to prevent spilled paint.

Electrical Tape

As the name indicates, it is used for insulation of electric wires. The main component is vinyl and you can also stretch this tape. You can use this tape to cover the pipes or wires during the winter or rainy season. You can find these types in various colours.

Plumber’s Tape

Usually, the component is Teflon. It is used for sealing the edges of a pipe.

If you have all the four types of tape, then it can save money in the long run when it comes to minor repairs.

P. Drill

One of the 25 tools your home needs. In reality, you get two items in one model. The power driver and drill. You can use this item to drill holes of every size on the wood and walls.

Q. Safety Gear

A DIY project can be risky. You may have to experience the fumes, dust and even the flying splinters. The tasks can result in injury. So, you need to cover the essential parts of safety gear.

R. Gloves

When it comes to hands, you need to ensure their safety. So gloves are a safe gamble. Your skin can become scraped. And yes, they can save your gentle skin from hot rods, or electric shock. Sometimes, you may accidentally hit the hand with a hammer, and the gloves can reduce the impact.

S. Goggles

The eyes are important parts of your body. The Goggles can prevent dust, sawdust, and debris from falling onto your eyes. They also prevent liquid or any stain from falling to your eyes. There are chances when doing an electrical connection, a wire can hit you in the face. And Goggle can prevent the same from hurting your eyes.

Please note, the glasses should be of lightweight and their grip should be secure. They need to have padding and proper ventilation.

T. Mask

In India, it is easy to procure dust masks. You can get a temporary mask when you do the DIY project for Rs 5 till 25 rupees. If you are indulging in woodwork project, then it is better to have a mask. The same goes while cleaning the dirt off your home.

You can do simple cleaning on your own. But when it comes to deep cleaning, you need to settle for professional help. For example, you have an apartment in Mumbai. And you had kept it locked for 4 months. One day, you go with your spouse to the apartment. You find to your horror, that the rainwater has seeped to the apartment and the entire space has gone dirty. The only hope, you have now is to seek the services of a company offering deep house cleaning Mumbai. You can hire their professionals via the app of an organization offering doorstep services in the city. Follow the procedure given in the app and then solve the problem.

Pest Control

You can control normal home pests by simple remedies. But when it comes to bed bugs, termite and rodent control, you need to contact a pest control company.

Final Word

Please note, given in the content above, are the DIY tools you can use to complete the simple repairs. But when it comes to complex ones, it is advisable to seek professional help instead of making the issue more problematic. Imagine, you left your Bangalore home for a vacation to Thailand. When you return, your spouse finds signs of bed bug infestation. So it is time to opt for help from a company which offers bed bug treatment in Bangalore. You can select the best professionals from the app of companies offering home appliance services in the city at the customer’s doorstep.

You can fix the problem by this method. Any pointers that we have to add more tools to this article? We will look at your Reviews in the Comments Section and take a decision.

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