The Impacts of Modern Technology on the Jewelry Industry

Like other fields of life, technology is also transforming the jewelry industry gradually. These technological advancements are not only helping the online stores, sellers and manufacturers in quick production of jewelry but also making the clients happy by fulfilling their customization demands. In this article, we are going to discuss how modern automation is affecting the jewelry business around the globe.

3D Printing

With the association of Rapid Prototyping technology (RP) and Computer Aided Designing (CAD), 3D technology is offering the best transformations and advantages to jewelry business. It is not only helping in the quick manufacturing of various designs, layout adjustments, and steady detailing but jewelry production of silver, brass, gold, and bronze has also become very convenient with hi-tech casting and lost-wax printing.

On the contrary, 3D printing with CAD software is assisting the customers in improving their buying process with complete customization of the requested jewelry. With this feature, it is quite easy to choose which design, colour, stone or metal type should be the part of your necklace, ring or chain, etc.

However, if you are a jewelry manufacturer and looking for good 3D printers with the ability to work with CAD then you should look at the following 3D printers in this regard:

T76+: T76+ is complied with new 3D printing technology SCP (Smooth Curvature Printing) and considered the best for good casting yield and incredible surface finish.

ProJet 3510 CPX: With exception surface finish features, 50 different wax designs and 20-micron high-resolution it could also be a good choice for new manufacturers.

Modela Pro II MDX-540: This printer is very famous in the jewelry world because of its affordable price and incredible features.

EnvisionTEC Aureus RP Machine: With 15-micron resolution capacity it is another reliable 3D printer.

Retail Outlets & Online Stores

Though the shopping trends have changed drastically but with online stores, retail stores are also adopting new technology in the form of hi-tech billing counters, smart jewelry display showcases and computer operated security systems. Retail stores are even preferring to use better jewelry furniture and display options to engage more clients towards their products. In the same token, shopping malls and stores are spending more on the display counters, and modern jewelry kiosk is an example of it.

On the other hand, the e-commerce industry also revolutionized the jewelry world with its great online shopping options. With online stores, both manufacturers and buyers can easily contact with each other, and it also eliminates the cost of third-party or a retailer. Nevertheless, online jewelry shopping industry still has much room for improvement because of numerous kinds of online shopping scams.


Laser technology also has a significant influence on the jewelry industry especially if we talk about diamond jewels. Both metal and diamond jewelry are cut, molded, designed and welded with the help of laser technology. Here, we are going to discuss how laser technology is using in the jewelry world.

Laser Welding: Jewelers adopt this method to affixed the metals and alloys together without the help of solder. In simple words, where it is hard to combine the metal with conventional joining technologies, laser welding would be the first preference of the jewel producer. Withal, laser welding joint could be seen with the naked eye.

Laser Cutting: The filigree designing for precious stones and metals is a very tough job, but the laser cutting technology made it easy. With this money and time-saving technique, it is effortless to cut rare pieces of diamonds and stones into desired shapes.

Laser Engraving: It is basically an alternate of traditional engraving techniques like stamping, mechanical engraving, and pad printing. However, green and fully computer-controlled operations dominate it among standard inscription tactics.

On the contrary, laser technology also plays a significant role to control and prevent theft. Yes, where other modern techniques fail, laser technology offered its best service. The laser has the capability to microscopically embed the ID marker information or recognition number onto gems. Therefore, with microscopically embedded ID it becomes hard for thieves to sell the stolen jewelry in the market openly.

Lightweight Jewelry

Another exceptional technology advancement in the jewelry industry is the use of electroforming. Basically, electro forming technology allows the artisans to make firm but thin ornament designs. This technology is usually used in the creation of earrings to reduce their weight. In this regard, jewelers use electroforming to produce lightweight bijou by constructing a dense layer of gold or silver.

On the other hand, distinct kinds of electroforming techniques are used for different types of metals. Likewise, stony electrolyte bath is given to silver and gold in the presence of legion alloys, and heated bath is referred to metals like platinum.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is getting very popular in many countries of the world with its incredible benefits such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc. Though jewelry makers acknowledged the use of technology in jewelry stuff but there are many projects are in streamline or many in the limelight.

Online Advertising

In the old days, paper or electronic media was the only reliable advertisement sources that were used by jewelry retailers and manufacturers. However, the current hype of internet, online platforms, and social networking sites transforming the style of advertisements as well.

Nowadays, it is considered more efficient to engage target audience or potential customers with online tools. With less money, time and effort it is very convenient to promote the latest designs and variety of jewelry stuff among both local and international customers. Social networking site like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest are preferred with the combination of a variety of online discussion forums of jewelry enthusiast.

All in all, the core agenda of this article is to share the latest technological advancements that are changing the jewelry industry at a rapid pace. So, if you belong to this industry or willing to join the jewelry world with entrepreneurial ideas, then you should be aware of these advancements and should adopt them to increase business growth. Therefore, what do you think about this article? Or these hi-tech tactics that jewelry businesses are using? You are welcomed to share your thoughts by commenting below.

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