7 Online Reputation Management Tips For Your Businesses Success

A commercial organization may be providing efficient services but its image can take a hit if the people responsible for running it do not take care of its profile in the virtual realm. Not only internet based enterprises but traditional corporations can also be adversely affected by an unfavourable image created in the cyber world.

A list of online reputation management tipsis being provided here so that business owners understand its importance towards the health of their organization as a negative profile can severely harm the prospects of growth.

Remain Active On Social Media

The extensive reach and large user base of social media networks can be harnessed for enhancing the stature of a brand. Creating accounts on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and posting useful and engaging content related not just to the product but also about the business vertical it belongs to will help in building a credible image of the organization.

All the channels are unique and therefore require different strategies in order to achieve success. For example, a platform like Instagram which is completely based on visuals would require an approach where images and other similar content  is regularly posted in order to establish a presence.

Constantly updating the profiles with content that possesses elements of the brand image apart from containing helpful information will be useful in pushing the product into prominence.

Try To Earn Positive Reviews

Customer reviews are another potent tool for leveraging a brand’s image and asking satisfied clients to leave positive comments about their experience will be helpful. It is easier for virtual businesses as users are already logged onto their platform and a gentle reminder will be sufficient but for traditional brick and mortar businesses providing services in the real world it will require a little more effort.

A pleased client must be prompted to leave a favourable review on the company website or any other chosen avenue. Such actions can also be incentivised like giving discounts for future transactions to a user providing a review but keep in mind that the methods for encouraging the client must not be too insistent as that can easily put him/her off.

Handle Negative Feedback Tactfully

This is one of the most important online reputation management tips as it provides assistance on how to tackle unfavourable comments. No matter how well organized and methodical the operations are, there will always be a few users left unsatisfied with the provided services.

It is inevitable that these people will leave negative feedback on review websites and other online avenues which will be read by potential customers.

Ascertain that the complaint is genuine and then contact the user immediately and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Responding in a personalized manner right under the complaint will demonstrate to other people that your organization is a responsible entity aiming at consumer satisfaction and will nullify the impact of the comment to some extent.

Fake reviews can be brought to the website administrator’s notice by flagging them and then presenting facts that establish their maliciousness so that they are removed permanently.

Create A Blog  For your Enterprise

A blog can be a very useful tool not just for promotion of the business but also for effectively conveying your opinion on certain matters and therefore enhancing the reputation of the enterprise. Writing frequently on topics related to your business domain will help in creating a reader base that can be potentially converted into customers. Ensure that the content being uploaded is of high quality and contains helpful information as only then an image of the enterprise as a credible and knowledgeable entity in its field will be created.

A blog can also be a very good avenue for countering negative criticism as it provides the organization with a platform that can be used for voicing your point of view on the issue.

There are various frameworks that can be employed for starting a blog with WordPress being the most popular one and hiring a Best WordPress web development company for the purpose will be beneficial.

Track And Analyze Your Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are online citations that are generated whenever a brand is mentioned in context to feedback or comments on a website, blog post, social media or any other virtual channel. Tracking these mentions can be a good preventive measure as they may bring to your notice any comment that may lead to a serious issue, in time so that the corrective steps can be taken quickly.

Similarly, discovering positive feedback will give you a chance to indulge in some positive interaction with the users and help in developing a strong relationship with them which is always beneficial for a positive image.

Leave Comments On Online Forums And Q&A Websites

Commenting on articles and other content material posted on high domain authority websites and user forums of your business vertical will be of great assistance. In addition to this, providing answers to questions related to your industry on Question & Answer websites will also be useful as these forums are frequented by people looking specifically for the services that your venture provides and building up an image in their eyes as a reliable source of information will be advantageous. As more and more meaningful comments and answers will be posted, your stature as a provider of dependable information will also grow.

Increase User Engagement Across All Platforms

One of the surest ways to enhance your reputation is by increasing levels of user engagement on all virtual channels that you have a presence on. Running contests with appealing prizes or providing incentives for user generated content will encourage clients to raise their level of involvement with your organization.

This will help you in understanding your audience and their likes and dislikes which will be of great value in framing the product and marketing strategy for future. When you connect with your clients across multiple channels and interact regularly and receive feedbacks about various aspects of your service, it helps in improving the performance of the organization.


It is difficult to control every aspect of the reputation in the virtual world but with the help of these online reputation management tips, it is possible for a business owner to minimize negativity and increase chances of building a favourable image in the eyes of the target audience.

This is a guest post written by Brandon Graves. Brandon Graves is a WordPress developer at HireWPGeeks and manage the services for convert site to wordpress. He also keeps writing on WordPress website development, SEO, Plugin development etc. Follow him on Facebook to get more news.

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