Top 10 Business Strategy Models for Industries

Majority of the models used for business strategy re for analyzing huge reams of uncertain and qualitative data, which the said business generates. For some people, this idea of business strategy might not be a science to consider, but using the right materials in proper place and at right time can always help in creating some of the explosive results.

So, if you currently eyeing for such help, it is mandatory to get down for the successful business models first. These have been established to present long impacts on consumers, industry and the world in general.

The best thing about the models is that those have helped some of the bigger marketing chains reach the pinnacle of success where they highly belong. Let’s just take an example for better understanding. Burger King is known to house some of the best burgers in the world. But that doesn’t help it to gain the reaction it gets right now. It is all into the business model, which have easily catapulted company for wide spreading renown and popularity.

Business Canvas

Often known to be a strategic management template, used for developing some of the existing or new business models, this Business Canvas is known for its visual charts. These chats are mostly associated with elements, used for describing the infrastructure, value proposition, finance and customers of a firm. It helps in assisting firms with activity alignments by illustrating some of the trade-offs.

Balanced scorecard

If you are currently eyeing for a proficient strategy management framework, Balanced Scorecard is a name to consider. It is the brainchild of David Norton and Dr. Robert Kaplan.

It works on your measures for accomplishing objectives strategically and deal with objectives for high level based firm’s goals. It deals with initiatives as key action programs for achieving objectives well.

Strategy Map

For a visual tool to establish clear communication, Strategy Map is the name to be. It is used for communicating a strategic plan and also for achieving high-level business based goals. It offers a clean, simple visual representation and also helps in unifying all goals into a single strategy well. It is also perfect for identifying key goals well.

Porters 5 Forces Model

This particular form of business strategy model is designed for analyzing the industries well. The Porters 5 forces Model currently works on the IO economics for deriving forces for determining competitive intensity. Thus, it works wonderfully as an attractive option of the market.

BCG Matrix

Another valid name in this list got to be the BCG Matrix, known for analyzing the target or own organization’s product based portfolio. It is solely meant for the companies dealing with multiple items at the same time. This is primarily designed to help corporations analyze business units or working on the product line. It will further help the companies to allocate resources.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis, also known as SWOT matrix, is a precise model used before even starting with strategic planning of an organization. It is also known to be covering a company’s strength, weakness, threats and opportunities.

Weaknesses and strengths are mainly termed to be internal factors and threats ,and opportunities are external factors. It will help organizations to identify what they are working on and the areas to improve at the same time.

Diamond model

For analyzing countries for the vendors and customers, you are asked to check on the modified version of the Diamond Model, as designed by M Porter. It is an economical model, which is currently talking about the theories on why some industries have become more competitive in some selected spots in the world than the rest.

McKinsey 7 S Model

There are some teams, which are still workings and others are done using the strategic vision. To check on the teams, McKinsey 7 S Model is a well-designed model. It comprises of business units, businesses and teams.

The 7S in the model are structure, systems, strategy, style, skill, shared values and staff. This model is widely used as tool for assessing and monitoring changes in an organization’s internal situation.

PEST Model

It is another form of model just like the SWOT one mentioned above lately. It is an abbreviated form of political, economic, sociocultural and technological based model. Each of these factors is designed to look as industry or the current business environment.

It is also used for determining the factors, affecting a business’s health. So, it is used in conjunction with some of the SWOT analysis of external factors. It can also work with  Porter’s Five Forces for examining businesses from multiple angles.

Gap planning

It is also known as need assessment, need gap analysis or strategic planning gap. The Gap Planning is used for comparing the present scenario of an organization and what it wants to be within a next couple of years. This service is mostly used for determining the specified internal deficiencies in this regard. Opt for such Business Strategy for Industries for quality help on time.

Few More to be Incorporated

Even though the above-mentioned options are quite promising for you to consider, but the market houses some of the other established business setup strategies for you to follow. Being a business owner isn’t easy, especially in this highly competitive market. So, unless you are sure of the areas to consider right now, this system can turn out to be a huge mess pretty sure.

Some people might try their hands in the Blue Ocean Strategy as well. It is a strategic planning model, which first came into existence in 2005. The idea behind this strategic model is to develop uncontested version of market space instead of focusing towards a market space which is either saturated or developed.

If your company is able to create one such blue ocean, it is going to end up with massive value boost for the said firm, and not only for the buyers but for the employees as well. So through all the options before heading for selected one!

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