The Top 5 Amenities to Look for in Self-Storage Facilities

Clean, well lit and secure are some of the highlights most business owners and homeowners seek when looking for self-storage facilities. With so many sizes and design options, you can customize self-storage to fit your unique needs.

Industry statistics also indicate the availability of up to 5.4 square feet of rentable space per person, so there is no reason to let unneeded items and supplies form clutter around your office or home. Here is a brief look at some of the top amenities to look for in self-service facilities:

Climate controlled units

Climate control and comfort are essential, especially if you plan to keep art, furniture, documents and other delicate fixtures that are vulnerable to warping, rotting and weather elements. Climate controlled storage facilities are designed to ensure the right temperature and humidity inside the unit.

Besides protecting stored property, these units are perfect for conference rooms, branch offices and workstations. You can also customize the unit with more features and appliances, depending on your intended application.

Drive-up storage unit

A drive-up self-storage unit is another unique amenity that suits anyone who wants to load and unload belongings from their car.

The garage-like design of drive-up self-storage units allows you to pull a vehicle into the unit or very close. You can park right at the front of the storage unit, which is crucial in reducing the effort of moving items to or from the storage.

Steadfast security

You can spruce up the lighting of your self-storage unit, especially if you plan to use it as a satellite office or as your main business office. However, the facility should provide some kind of security, whether CCVT surveillance, alarms and logs of every person that accesses the unit.

They should also offer quality guarantees and insurance to cover any damages that occur while your assets are in their hands. This includes fire, moisture and pest damages, among others.

Vehicle parking

Self-storage units come in varying sizes and capacities, so you can find options that can keep your car besides other items. Not many self-storage facilities provide vehicle parking units, which you might need, especially when working in branch offices far from your main headquarters.

Vehicle parking self-storage units feature augmented security features, including CCTV, alarm triggers, improved lighting and more.

Exceptional customer service

Customer service is inseparable from any commercial service that has various competitive alternatives. It is crucial to choose reputable facilities that can guarantee high-quality storage services and efficient correspondences.

You can look up customer reviews and expert ratings to gauge the reputation of a given facility before making a decision. Choose credible licensed facilities in your area.


There are several other minor aspects to review before choosing a self-storage facility. To avoid making decisions in a hurry, you should dedicate ample time to compare existing offers and identify facilities that can meet your unique needs.

Whether you seek to hold inventory temporarily or seek a large business conference unit, there are several options in the market. Make sure you outline your needs and compare the best solutions for your specific storage requirements.

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