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7 Grooming Tips For Men With Beards

If you want a full, luxurious beard, careful grooming is crucial. These days, it is simpler than ever to take great care of your beard with the right routine, tools, and products.

As such, here are seven beard grooming tips you can use to keep your facial hair looking fabulous and healthy:

Become Healthy Inside for a Healthy Outside

There are no specific actions that you can take that will provide you with the beard of your dreams instantaneously, but changing your lifestyle in healthy ways will definitely stimulate hearty facial hair growth. Actually, adopting healthy habits ensures that your beard comes in faster and stronger than ever before.

Eating a balanced diet high in Beta Carotene and Vitamin A means your facial hair will grow in thick and full. After all, kale, carrots, spinach, and eggs all help to restore and repair skin. Also, Vitamins E and C are crucial elements for hydrated hair because they increase the production of sebum. Good sources of each are found in peanut butter, almonds, and citrus fruits.

Exercising helps, as well. It increases the creation of testosterone, which stimulates hair growth. Your metabolism also speeds up, which encourages whiskers to grow.

Keep your Beard Clean

It is recommended that bearded men wash their facial hair twice a week. This number should increase if you are involved in sports or have a job that causes you to sweat more than the average man on a daily basis.

There are a number of beard-washing products on the market that you should use. Do not use regular shampoo, however. Beard hair is of a completely different texture than head hair, and shampoo will dry it out and cause “beard itch” to occur on the skin beneath.

Moisturize your Facial Hair

Once you wash your beard, it is crucial that condition it thoroughly. A hydrating moisturizer will keep both the facial hair and the underlying skin supple.

Because beard hair is much more course than other types of hair, it will dry out much more quickly. Washing facial hair is important, but it does strip any natural oils away. If you don’t moisturize your beard follicles, you will end up with broken, frizzy facial hair that is anything but attractive.

Always Apply Beard Oil

Men tend to complain about itchiness more than any other aspect of having a beard. This is because of the coarse texture of the hair which can often scratch delicate facial skin underneath.

It is difficult for the facial sebaceous glands to produce enough oil to keep up with a beard as it continues to grow. As such, the skin beneath the whiskers becomes dry and itchy. The only way to combat these issues is a remedy known on the market as “beard oil.” This essential product is a critical part of sufficient beard care.

A beard oil worth it’s salt is made from carrier and essential oils. These hydrating agents soften the texture of the beard, while moisturizing the skin, and keeping stray hairs in place.

Take the Time to Trim

You may find it strange that it is recommended that you trim your beard after you worked so hard to grow it out to your desired length. However, this is a crucial step in keeping it healthy and allowing it to grow.

Trimming allows your beard to be fuller and grow faster because you are removing the split ends and eliminating the damaged parts of your dried-out follicles. This permits hair to grow in a healthier manner.

You should also cut the stray and loose hairs that keep your facial hair from looking as sleek and stylish as it can be. You can take advantage of trimming by trying out different looks while your beard grows in between trims. You will appreciate how much healthier it will appear and you will notice that it does grow faster then if it was left on its own to simply grow wild.

One of the most important investments that you can make for your beard is purchasing a good facial hair trimmer. You may be going to the barbershop for a professional trim, but that could cost a lot of money over the long run, and many men simply do not have the time. It is actually quite easy to learn how to trim your facial hair on your own. There are many tutorial videos online that you can watch to get you started.

When purchasing a trimmer, pay attention to its particular features and be sure that it has what you need to achieve your your personal style. Look at the attachments. Do they have settings for multiple lengths? Are you able to use the device when your beard is wet or dry? These are items that you need to look at thoroughly.

You may even be interested in getting a cordless trimmer. This is good for use on the go. You could bring it to the gym, or take it with you when you’re camping or anywhere else where you may not have an electrical outlet. Just remember, if you have a choice, corded trimmers will provide you with a bit more power.

Brush your Beard as Much as you Can

Again, beard hair is much different than head hair, so you should never use a regular hair brush. Each bearded man should own a boar hair bristle brush. This tool is the absolute pinnacle of beard-styling tools. It usually can tame unruly beards and soften wiry hair.

A boar hair brush is said to increase blood flow to the face, stimulating facial hair growth. It can also be used to distribute natural oils and products throughout your beard, keeping it hydrated.

If you brush your whiskers each day, you are also sure to remove anything that may have fallen in it during the day, as well as dead skin and dirt. Simply brushing each morning or night will significantly improve the quality of your beard.

Try Several Different Styles

Beard growing is like a lottery. For some, it comes easily. They simply stop shaving and great genes take over to create the perfect whiskers. Other men have to plan, and “manscape” meticulously to get stunning results.

Fortunately, there are so many beard style options that you are sure to find one that you like that is still flattering on you.

The trends these days are along the lines of shorter, close-cropped styles. However, many hipsters enjoy the longer, hippie-inspired facial hair that takes months to grow. The current looks change all the time, but it is more important to find a style that works with your facial hair texture and face shape. Just keep your options open and never fear trying something new.

In conclusion, if you keep these beard grooming tips in mind, you should be able to flaunt your facial hair with pride. Your beard should look handsome and feel smooth, as long as you continue to take great care of it.

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