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5 Best Ways to Promote Your Business

One of the most important parts of running a business is promoting it and showing people where they can find your products. What good is your perfect service if no one is aware of it? Getting the word out can help you acquire new clients and business contacts that will allow your business to expand further. To achieve this, you have to make use of strategies that will put you ahead of the competition. Here are some ways to market and promote your business.

Hand out flyers

Flyers might seem like an old-fashioned way to spread awareness of your business, but you would be surprised at how effective they are. Having one person standing on a busy corner and handing out flyers can do more for your business than a billboard.

People like having something tangible to hold on to. With advancements in digital marketing, the market has become oversaturated online. People have become accustomed to being surrounded by ads and marketing in every form. Getting a real piece of paper that tells people where they can find local products and services they might need is like a breath of fresh air. It also tells them that the business is close by.

Leverage social media

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of online media and it’s steadily growing. You will rarely run into someone that doesn’t partake in at least some form of social media. This makes it the perfect avenue for promoting your business online.

Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram allow businesses to make their first contact with potential new prospects and advertise their products and services. Building an email list becomes much easier when you have direct contact with hundreds of thousands of potential consumers.

At this point, using social media has become a necessity for any business that wants to see quick and effective expansion.

Sponsor relevant events

If you want to expand your business and reach new clients and business partners, your best bet would be to look for events where both of these groups congregate. Fairs and markets that are relevant for your business would be the perfect setting for some business expansion. Unfortunately, you won’t see events such as these all too often.

However, you could change this by helping to organize them yourself. Networking is a crucial part of every business and creating an environment where you can meet new clientele is a worthwhile investment. By sponsoring events, you will bring awareness to your business and help the event grow bigger, which will further increase the chance of finding potential business ventures.

Focus on branding

In today’s competitive business market, brand awareness is everything. If people are able to recognize your brand among a sea of others, you can count on them to seek your business and products instead of turning to your contemporaries. Brand visibility and image is a big part of this. Putting your brand all over town would give you an enormous boost in popularity and exposure.

Cars can be a great tool for advertising purposes. They are like mobile billboards that don’t cost as much to maintain. Sticking a couple of branded decals on your vehicle would give your business the kind of exposure it needs, while also covering a lot of ground. If your employees make use of company vehicles on a daily basis, why not brand them with Octane Signage and have them spread awareness of your business around town? The more people are exposed to your brand, the likelier it is that they’ll choose it once they need your services.

Make use of Google’s functions

Google isn’t just useful for its search engine functions; it also has a variety of tools that can help businesses reach new audiences. Taking advantage of its business directory can give you the upper hand in local business.

You should try to set up a “Google my business” account in order to get your business to show up on the front page of relevant searches. It will list your company when people search Google maps for the type of services and products that you provide. It also allows users to add reviews for your business once they’ve visited. This kind of advertising won’t cost you anything and you’ll gain enormous benefits from it.


Promoting your business is a lot harder than it looks. You’re vying for the attention of the same people your competitors are aiming for, which means you have to be creative with your methods. A lot of businesses neglect their advertising campaigns and end up with underwhelming results. If you promote your business by using some of these methods, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get returns that outweigh your initial investment in the campaign and new clients that will enjoy doing business with you.

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