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What You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Social Media Features

There are billions of people who use social media regularly and this means that there is a large audience searching for content to catch their interest. Similarly, there is a lot of competition among social media users who want their content to be seen. In order for this to happen, they need to stand out from the crowd. However, simply offering quality content is not enough any more; social media users need to be able to get their message to the biggest crowd possible and this requires having more interaction.

At the beginning, this can be tricky and this has led to a number of users paying for social media interaction. Users will buy relevant comments, real likes and genuine followers for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, among others, in order to make their profile a success. If you are unfamiliar with why these features are important, take a look through our guide below:

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Views are the most basic form of interaction. Anytime someone looks at your profile or the content you have posted to it, that counts as a view. There aren’t usually counters which publicly display the number of views you have so views are not a social media feature that are as desired as the other more visible ones, such as likes and comments.

However, views do play a part in contributing to the overall popularity of your account as the more views you get, the more visible your account becomes on social media and the more likely it is that more people will discover it. In this case, when you pay for views, it is recommended that you add as many as possible to the content in question in order for it to gain more attention.


Likes are another of the most common social media features and there are ones which are quite frequently alluded to by social media users. It is one thing to have someone view your content; however, a like offers positive reinforcement and lets you know that the content you are uploading to social media is proving to be a hit. People may like content for any number of reasons.

It could be because they find the post funny, they agree with the argument expressed, they appreciate the sentiment of the content or they have been touched by the post. Whatever the reason may be, a like is an indication of a positive reaction from another user and, therefore, they are highly sought after. Obviously, the more likes you have, the more popular the content proves to be. When adding likes to your social media account, it should be done so similarly to adding views; add as many as you can in order to draw more attention your way.


Comments are an important form of social media interaction because they involve a more direct level of engagement between social media users. Comments can be in praise, a criticism or a conversation starter. It is important to pay attention to what they say as they can give you an idea of what people think of your profile and its content. Comments also serve as an important type of engagement because they can subsequently generate more interaction by means of other users liking the comment or adding comments of their own below them.

In addition, comments can be used to tag other users who are then informed of the post. This tactic leads to more views for the content in question. If you have paid for comments, you should take care to not add too many to any one post. As comments tend to generate more interaction, the right comment can set off a lively discussion. Therefore, it is recommended that you only add one or two comments per post as this should be enough to generate even more interaction from other users.


Where would you be without followers? They are quite easily the most important of all the social media features. This is because followers, while being a type of social media feature themselves, can also provide you with views, likes and comments, as well as other types of interaction. Therefore, they become something of an all-in-one. The number of followers you have is the clearest indicator yet of just how popular and influential your social media account is.

With this being the case, you will surely want to get as many of them on board as possible. Paying for followers is one way you can do this. It is recommended that social media users who are paying for followers take their time when adding them. This is because even a small number of followers can generate a lot of interaction. Instead, it is suggested that you add two or three at a time and let them work on increasing your engagement levels before you then add two or three more at regular intervals.

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