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How to decorate a house on a low budget

Decorate a house

The best-decorated houses do not have to be in which more money has invested. The beautifully decorated homes are those in which their owners have invested time, imagination, and much love to decorate house. That is why in this book of ideas, we want to show you neither more nor less than 24 very modest proposals (many of them free).

So that your house has your personality embodied in each of its corners. In addition to a unique beauty!

Wooden boards and pallets

You can find them even in the street! Old wooden boards or pallets can serve you for decorating your home spectacularly and straightforwardly. They are the authentic trend.

An old car

An old car in a scrap yard that can serve as a seat for our room. You can be inspired by this image to carry out this project.


The tires of the previous car or those that you were going to throw when changing them for new ones, can serve as a tray for your house. Look how good it is to give stability to this wicker circle!

Move the furniture

If there is an economical alternative to redecorate your home, that is to move the furniture. You don’t even have to change everything, with a couple of movements you can make your house look completely different.

Incomplete dishes to the wall!

We’ve all broken a plate once in a while. Well, do not evict those incomplete dishes, use them to decorate the wall of your dining room or kitchen! You can get a result as beautiful as this image.

Jug for flowers

An old and useless water jug ​​that has a new life after a coat of paint. Well, that element can serve us perfectly to place some flowers that enhance our dining room.

Cans as vases

The cans of soft drinks or juice cans that always end up in the trash can serve as original vases that, also, we can hang from a simple wooden ribbon, as in the photo. It looks great!

Or jars!

Jam, yogurts, preserves, legumes. Glass jars are typical in our kitchen, and we can use them for different tasks after use, depending on their size. For example, these greats also serve as a vase.

Even to make lamps

You can also create beautiful lamps with those same bottles that we said before. The result is super original and colorful.

Sort books by colors

If you have a bookshelf and even a small library at home, the best thing you can do is reorder your books by colors to enhance the decoration and balance of the room. You will give an image of an order that is always a pleasure. Do not be lazy!

New life to cardboard boxes

And if there is something that we also end up accumulating at home or throwing it away, it’s the cardboard boxes. Look at the beautiful bookstore you can do without spending a single euro. We can’t make it easier for you.

Staircase as decoration

A typical old wooden staircase that many have in the village Give it a layer of varnish and use it at home as decoration, in the living room, in the bathroom to hang towels, wherever you want!

Books that become a table

If you have already read those books if they have broke if you have them repeated. You can give them a new life of your home and turn them into a table as original as this one, with a color scale that leaves us speechless. One last!

Frames for your photos

Some pictures give us, but we do not like anything, others that break, that spoil. Take advantage of the leftover frame to frame your favorite photos, and you can achieve a beautiful and striking result like this.

A blanket changes everything

It seems a lie, but a blanket in the living room or bedroom can radically change the aesthetics it offers. A very close detail that will make any space warmer. Look at this beautiful blanket it makes you want to wrap yourself up and never leave!

Cushions with your clothes

Surely if you do a cleaning in your closet, you have clothes that you no longer wear: shirts, shirts, jackets. Well, with all those fabrics, you can make some covers for your cushions with a unique personality. Everyone will want equals!

Bicycle hanging

If you are a bike lover, know that it can also be part of the decoration of your house. Placing a bike hanger in the hall or the living room will make you have a place to put it without disturbing (something of the most functional) and a decorative element of the most hipster.

Planter with new use

If you want to put that touch of warmth to your terrace, reuse a planter (steel are the most recommended) to create a fire pit as beautiful as this. Your garden will look radically different!

Coat hangers and old buckets

With a clothes rack and a few old buckets, you can brighten the life of your garden, balcony or terrace. They will serve you to place and hang flowers and plants that will give a new experience to those individual outdoor spaces.

Christmas lights

Those lights that are stored every Christmas in the last corner of your house can serve you to achieve a result as spectacular and excellent as this in your garden. Perhaps the ones in the image are too many, but placing a few little ones will help you to give warmth and romanticism to the surroundings.


With pieces of tiles, wood, cardboard. There are many items with which you can create these beautiful and well-hung hangers.

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