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What are Online Slots Reload Bonuses?

If you’ve just got into playing online slots like 5 Lions Gold slot on a casino website, you may not be familiar with some of the jargon or names. It isn’t immediately obvious what a reload bonus is if you’re a rookie. However, it’s important to understand things like reload bonuses as they’re there for your benefit.

Reload bonuses are little monetary extras paid out by the site when the gambler makes a deposit into their online account. You’re reloading your account by topping it up, they’re saying “thank you”.

You could say it’s another way of the online casino rewarding you for your custom. After all, online casinos vie hard to retain their users and will offer them all manner of bonuses to keep them on side. These can range from welcome packages to entice you to sign up in the first place, to upgrading you in tiered systems if you reach certain milestones with the site.

In short, the casino wants to keep you happy so you don’t get cold feet and shop around for a better offer in the shape of an online casino that will get you more bonuses. Hence, the reload bonus incentivises you to stay on that site every time you transfer money over.

How does it work?

There’s not too much to it really. In order to gamble on the site, unless you play on freebie games all the time, you’ll need money in your e-wallet. Therefore, when you go through the process of transferring your cash over into your online casino account, the site gives you a little extra credit on top of it.

Clearly, this will vary from online casino to online casino. Researching how much you’ll get is just a case of you doing your due diligence and reading the terms and conditions when you’re choosing a site in the first place.

Maximum and minimum limits

Online casinos have to cover their backs to a certain extent. Because of this, you may come across minimum limits you can transfer before you can expect your reload bonus.

Again, this will vary from site to site, but it’s unrealistic to transfer over £5 and expect a bonus each time. You’ll only get a bonus when larger chunks are wired over. Bearing this in mind, you may find it financially more astute if you deposit bigger amounts less frequently, rather than regular small amounts.

One of the best bonuses out there!

Reload bonuses are one of the best perks a site can offer. Primarily, it’s the symbiosis of mutual benefit. The more cash you deposit, the more lucrative the bonuses you’ll receive from the site.

However, what makes it really special is that it’s a rolling bonus. Whereas nearly every other bonus you’ll encounter is a one-off, this one goes on and on.

Think about it. Welcome packages stop as soon as you’ve registered and other forms of loyalty bonuses are specific and have expiry terms for them. The reload bonus is the gift that just keeps on giving!

It’s a great way to feel valued by your online casino and enhances the UX (user experience) the site offers.

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