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VAT Filing And Vat Registration In UAE – The Right Way

VAT Filing

Business registered under VAT is to file the VAT return on time as per the UAE laws. Once vat registration in Dubai, UAE is done, Businesses can file for the VAT return with the help of the online portal of federal tax authority (FTA). After UAE Dubai vat registration the VAT returns can only be filed through the online portal because it only accepts the returns through online medium.  The taxpayers in UAE are supposed to manually fill all the categories properly without any mistake and submit the VAT return filing on time.

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The form for VAT return filing has 7 sections that are supposed to be filled properly including;

VAT Filing

  • Details of the Taxable Person
  • Period of VAT Return
  • The VAT on sales and all other outputs
  • The VAT on expenses and all other inputs
  • Net VAT Due
  • Additional reporting requirements
  • Declaration and Authorized Signatory

All the categories should be filled in their respective boxes and the taxpayer must furnish all the details in an appropriate manner for the sake of filing VAT returns. Fill the information in the relevant boxes without any error or mistake.

How to file VAT return in UAE

The taxpayers are first supposed to log in to their FTA portal of e-services. They will need to enter their registered username along with the password. After logging into the portal, the user will see a navigation menu. User must select the option of VAT return and then new vat return for starting the process of VAT return filing.

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A number of sections will pop up after pressing the new vat return option. We will discuss all of those options separately below;

  1. Details of the taxable person

In this section, the user must input his tax registration number (TRN), name and address will pop up automatically.

As Farahat and co. describe on their website If any of the tax agents in UAE is filing for the VAT return on behalf of any taxpayer, the TAAN (Tax Agent Approval Number) and the associated TAN (Tax Agency Number) with the name of tax agent and agency are auto-populated.

VAT Filing

  1. Period of VAT return

Enter the VAT return period in the above section for which you are filing the return. The VAT return period will be 1st January 2019 onwards.

  1. The VAT on sales and all other outputs

Enter the details regarding the standard tax rate of the taxable supplies at the categories popping up.

  1. The VAT on Expenses and All Other Inputs

Furnish the details regarding the expenses where you have paid 5% VAT.

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  1. Net VAT Due

This section will indicate the VAT you have to pay for the VAT return period. This will be the box number 12.

  1. Additional Reporting Requirement

Business who have applied for the Profit Margin Scheme re required to fill this form. If not, you can click on NO and move forward to the next section.

  1. Declaration and Authorized Signatory

Enter the details of the authorized signatory, tick the box present right next to the declaration box and then submit the VAT return at Dubai vat registration .

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You must enter all the required tax return filings and you must furnish all the details accurately in order to avoid problems in the future.

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