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Top-Notch WordPress Theme Development Trends To Reign

WordPress is a buzzword that exhibits every year due to its remarkable features and trends it introduces. The year 2020 will follow the tradition of leaving you in awe as the trend settler WordPress is all geared up with intuitive features. In the past few years, you have observed WordPress earning the best content management system badge. The growing demand for PSD to WordPress conversion, custom theme development are a couple of notable features. 

WordPress is ruling as a lone gladiator all across the digital market and will be in the future. 

WordPress web development firms have always aimed to create unique and interactive websites for their customers. In the year 2020, WordPress is all set to entertain you with its ability to meet your expectations.

Custom WordPress themes have been evolving to attract customers to their doorstep. Effective design and programming let you create a perfect website to meet your demands with crucial results.  

In this blog, we will present the future-ready trends in WordPress templates. If you are aware of the latest technology trends and have an eye on detail for the same, this blog is for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the unbeatable WordPress theme development trends of 2020.

Multi-purpose Themes

The multi-purpose theme incorporates several WordPress websites, that is why these are popular among web developers.  WordPress has built multifunctional themes in 2019 for the users to develop different site with the significant functionalities required for commercial websites.

 The multi-purpose themes can be edited easily by WordPress experts using different extensions. As we know that WordPress is known for its versatility and flexibility; therefore, the chances that it will grow dramatically in 2020 are more. 

Ecommerce Themes

The WordPress success rate has resulted in many eCommerce website owners to migrate and adopt the same technology. The developers have contributed massively towards flexible theme customization in WordPress. 

The integration of WP themes enables designers to add various features and functionalities as per the need. WooCommerce is one such prime example of a custom theme. 

Parallax Effect Integration

Since the inception of the parallax effect, it is one of the top choices for a graphical result. In this effect, background images move slower than foreground images, generating an immersive effect of virtual experience.

Generally, whenever a user finds a new feature, the curiosity will make them explore the same. It naturally increases engagement and reduces the bounce rate. Integrating this theme can enhance the appeal of your business website.

Interactive Video Headers

WordPress introduces default themes every year. This year, it came with the theme named “Twenty Seven,” which holds the future of video headers themes. Video headers are not the new buzz in the market, but sadly, there was not any particular theme that supported the video header feature.

The introduction of video headers in a WP site ensures higher user engagement. Interactively growing your product and services is easy on the eyes to understand and raises the sales probability. 


To make a never-ending relationship with the customers, it is vital to give them support whenever they are required. WordPress, which is there to provide an exceptional experience to its customers, has come with Chatbots lately.  It authorizes you to accumulate them the CRM to give a better experience to the customers. These are unique and entertain only those who are integrated, not the occasional one.  

Using the chatbots, you can save the information of the customers whom you have interacted with or those who have clicked on the offers mentioned.  Undoubtedly, this trend is not going to fade away and will be there in 2020 to give its spark. 

Overlapping Content Design

Earlier, software engineers designed and developed a website based on conventional standards to keep the functionality intact. This approach kept the creative edge in the back seat. Innovative website experiences became a reality with advanced page builder plugins.

Now, website designers can freely express their creativity across various WordPress themes. 

The overlapping design is the invention of a creative theme design. It creates beautiful and innovative layouts with overlapping content arrangements. It is possible with frameworks like Bootstrap and WordPress page builder plugin. Such plugins make it easier for mobile devices with different resolutions to access the site. 

Section Scrolling Themes

Section scrolling theme is an advanced version of the parallax scrolling theme. The basic principles of section scrolling theme are based on the parallax theme but render smooth and enhanced user experience. 

This theme takes a sectional approach and helps you in browsing one section at a time instead of the entire web page. It eliminates the need for any sticky menus and the need to scroll to the top of a webpage to access navigation links. 

This intuitive theme strategy soon can be seen on various WordPress plugins.

Motion Enriching Animations

The visual design offers a pleasing experience to users. Gone are the days when Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) animations and hovering effects were a hot trend. They are redundant and overused.

The ultra-modern trend in WordPress theme development is motion and visual effects. In this feature, the animation is crafted according to the user surfing through the website. As the user moves the cursor across the web page, the animation effect will take place. 

This method is all set to enrich the user experience in the coming year. It opens tremendous opportunities for developers and designers to create engaging and beautiful theme designs. The page builder plugin is the best option you can go with while including motion backed animations. 

Final Thoughts

The hottest WordPress theme development trends of 2020 will fine-tune your website ergonomics. Design and development blended with the latest features will give your business a much-needed edge over others. Precisely, one must follow the latest proven trends for the WP site. Being said that never follow something blindly, weigh the pros and consequences backed with excellent research and then implement it, keeping the positive outcomes in mind. 

Our blog intends to acknowledge that good innovation will dominate in terms of the best user experience, which in turn will give your excellent business output. Technology will evolve every day. It is not the definitive guide, but it has substantial ideas to trust. Feel free to add your valuable insight under the comment section. Happy reading.

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